How to manage the sales pipeline in NetHunt CRM effectively

Hosted by <b>Anastasia Tatsenko</b>,<br>Chief Customer Officer, NetHunt CRM

Hosted by Anastasia Tatsenko,
Chief Customer Officer, NetHunt CRM

Afraid you’ll lose track of deals? Not sure about how accurate your sales forecast is? Is there a lack of visibility into the sales opportunities your team is working on? We feel you. We’re here to help you.

NetHunt CRM is a powerful tool to monitor the progress of your deals through the pipeline. You just need to know how to set it up in a way that works best for you. Start building a pipeline that offers you better insights into your sales process.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  • checkmarkHow to know the revenue stuck in at every stage of the pipeline
  • checkmarkHow to spot the deals that stay longer than expected at every stage of the pipeline
  • checkmarkHow to sort deals by the highest probability of conversion
  • checkmarkHow to feel confident about sales forecasts
  • checkmarkHow to set pipeline goals and build pipeline reports

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