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July 26, 12 PM EST

How to outbound in the dying outbound era


NetHunt - CRM in Gmail

The best CRM solution for teams that use Google Workspace.

We designed NetHunt to make all the CRM features available to your Gmail and Google Workspace.

  • No more switching tabs.
  • No more data entry.
  • Everything is in one place.
  • In a familiar interface, within an app that your team uses daily.

Why use Gmail CRM

Customer base

Organize and tap into your customer base in the most efficient way

  • Say goodbye to tedious data entry forever.
  • NetHunt’s duplicate prevention feature always keeps your customer base clean.
  • The required fields feature watches over your data to make sure you’ve got what you need.
  • Your customer base is securely stored in one place, protected from leaks or prying eyes by proper access management.
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Sales pipelines

Turn contacts into leads and push them down the beautiful, functional pipeline

  • Add new deals, their value, probability of closing and expected close date.
  • Track deals progress through the pipeline stages.
  • Create one or several pipelines for your products and services.
  • Customize the stages to fit your sales cycle.
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Take the hard work out of working hard

  • Capture web form leads and pop them in your CRM.
  • Set drip campaigns to nurture leads.
  • Automatically link email conversations to client profiles.
  • Set alerts to stay in the loop when something happens.
  • Automate data entry.
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Email templates

Create personal and shared email templates in Gmail

  • Write repetitive emails easily and quickly.
  • Store email templates for yourself or share them with your team.
  • Personalize your email templates with custom fields.
  • Use email templates in daily email correspondence, email campaigns or automated email sequences.
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Email tracking

Track your email opens and clicks in Gmail

  • Know if, when, and how often the receiver views your emails in real-time.
  • Know when people open your emails to provide insights for your team.
  • Use email tracking for regular emails, email campaigns and automated email sequences.
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Email campaigns

Send email campaigns and follow-up campaigns in Gmail

  • Send email campaigns to the segments or all of your customer base.
  • Set follow-up campaigns to previous email campaigns.
  • Monitor campaigns stats: opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, and replies.
  • Send email campaigns via Gmail, NetHunt SMTP or your own SMTP server.
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Let NetHunt CRM be where you are

Explore NetHunt’s extensions and mobile apps for seamless CRM experience.

What customers are saying about us

Read Customer Stories

Jérôme Hérard photo

Jérôme Hérard

Founding Partner at ViaDirect

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We have been using NetHunt for more than 2 years and now I can say for sure that we need it and only NetHunt, nothing else. I do not want another window on my computer, I want it to be linked with my Gmail and it is perfect and simple.

Eran Gal photo

Eran Gal

CEO and Co-Founder at Xorcom

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Extremely easy to set-up and get going, no complicated training, and supremely flexible. Our Gmail inbox is now so much more than just an inbox, it is a collaborative space where information can be shared by and with anybody who might need it. Full customization gives us total control and the NetHunt team has been an absolute pleasure to work with!

Jase Clamp photo

Jase Clamp

Co-ordinator at ProductTank

quotes icon

The top three most amazing things about NetHunt, flexible, native in gmail, the customer support is incredible.

Chris Lewis photo

Chris Lewis

President at Massive Property Group
of All First Realty

quotes icon

It turned out to be one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made.

Jonty Fernandez photo

Jonty Fernandez

Director - Coaching and Development
at Toiora NZ

quotes icon

If your business is knowing a lot about people, this is the system for you.

Oliver Keplinger photo

Oliver Keplinger

Managing Director at KEP Consult

quotes icon

NetHunt is for me the only possible CRM which you can choose if you use GSuite / GMail, because it’s the only one which is really fully integrated and works.

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