Meet <span class="blue">NetHunt CRM</span> —<br><span class="nowrapped">a <span class="underlined">better</span></span> alternative <span class="nowrapped">to Insightly</span>

Meet NetHunt CRM
a better alternative to Insightly

To be able to grow your business, you need to focus all your energy on what you do best — do not waste it on expensive and confusing CRM solutions.

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Grow better, grow happier.

It’s time to upgrade from Insightly when...

Price is<br>too high

Price is
too high

Your team has grown bigger and the CRM bills have gotten too expensive.

UI is inconvenient

UI is inconvenient

You need your support questions and requests addressed quickly and efficiently.

No easy customizations

No easy customizations

That makes it difficult to adjust the system to the way your business works.

Sales team<br>lives in Gmail

Sales team
lives in Gmail

Your team works in Gmail and wants to make the most out of it.

Why NetHunt CRM over Insightly?



G2 score



Price (per user/per month)

$24 - $120

$29 - $99

All the must-have CRM essentials

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CRM automation

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Marketing automation

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Personalized email campaigns

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Native Gmail and Google Workspace integration

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Integration with Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio)

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Integration with LinkedIn

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Automatic email linking

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Free onboarding

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Free team training

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Support (chat, email, phone)

dedicated Customer
Success Manager

email support

All information was last verified in February 2020.
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Grow better.

Grow happier.

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   I challenge you to find me another company in the world that is doing what we are doing right now. Extract information, use information. The ability to do this so easily has helped us leapfrog all our competition.

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Jonty Fernandez, Director - Coaching and Development at Toiora NZ

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Check out our guide: How to Choose the Right CRM for Your Business

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