The Real Moneyball : How Automated Sales Processes Can Accelerate Your Revenue. And can they?

<b>Anastasia Tatsenko</b>,<br> Head of Customer Success,<br> NetHunt CRM

Anastasia Tatsenko,
Head of Customer Success,
NetHunt CRM

<b>Luke Owen Davies</b>,<br> SDR Manager,<br> CloudTalk

Luke Owen Davies,
SDR Manager,

An average sales rep wastes around 3 hours per week running manual tasks: distributing leads, entering data into the CRM, crafting nurturing emails. Holy Moly! Spend your time wisely by automating those sales processes and focus on activities that generate higher ROI.

Watch the webinar to get the full sales automation rundown. Anastasia and Luke are giving away actionable advice and tactics so you can start blending your sales processes, personalization and automation together.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • checkmarkWhy sales automation is a foundation for revenue acceleration.
  • checkmarkHow to approach sales automation as a growth mindset.
  • checkmarkAutomation is not a rescue: questions to ask yourself before automating.
  • checkmarkIssues you can overcome with automation: use cases.

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