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July 26, 12 PM EST

How to outbound in the dying outbound era


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We’ve been on a mission to bring more productivity and better balance to your working day since 2016.

'CRM Everywhere' is a fundamental idea, having CRM work for you by adding powerful functionality to the applications you use every day. Just imagine, powerful CRM functionality next to your emails, messages, and socials; calendar events and business analytics.

Andrei Petrik
Andrei Petrik,
CEO and Co-founder at NetHunt CRM

The Values of NetHunt CRM

This is what makes us. This is our DNA.

Meaningful relationships

Meaningful relationships

We make relationships first and do business later. We’re relationship management gurus, so building a robust connection with our clients is our top priority.

Open door policy

Open door policy

Great products start with great conversations. We listen to all our customers and team members to see what they can bring to the table.

Customer centricity

Customer centricity

We strive to turn every customer's request into a new feature so that everyone is comfortable with NetHunt CRM and getting the most out of it.

High standards

High standards

We push boundaries, raise bars, and grow out of our comfort zones. Our motto is “do great things, then improve them to be even better”!

Total transparency

Total transparency

We always paint the full picture. We’re always honest and direct. We strive to make all the information about NetHunt and our processes accessible to clients.

Heartfelt passion

Heartfelt passion

We believe in who we are, what we do, and how we do it. And this is exactly what prevents us from ever burning out ;)

Meet the Team

Teamwork does make dreams work.

Andrei Petrik photo

Andrei brings over 15 years of experience, passion, and know-how to the development of NetHunt CRM. He previously implemented CRM solutions for enterprise-sized companies. He is NetHunt CRM.

Andrei Petrik

CEO & Co-Founder

Olga Petrik photo

Olga started her journey at NetHunt as a marketing director. These days she combines her marketing experience with her product knowledge to fuel our growth strategy. She’s the reason you’re reading this.

Olga Petrik

Head of Growth

Dmytro Katiukha photo

Our Chief Sales Officer is the driving force behind our revenue growth! With a strategic mind and a constant pulse on the market, Dima leads our sales team to new heights. He excels at building strong relationships and uncovering opportunities.

Dmytro Katiukha

Chief Sales Officer

Iurii Raboshuk photo

With a mix of creativity, strategy, and a dash of humor, Iurii transforms bold ideas into standout solutions. He excels at bringing concepts to life, ensuring our customers get maximum value from our product. When he's not innovating, you'll find him traveling in his van, always on the lookout for new adventures.

Iurii Raboshuk

Chief Product Officer

Victor Iryniuk photo

Victor is driven by better usability and the perfect product-market fit. Like some kind of mad scientist, he needs freedom to experiment to discover better usability.

Victor Iryniuk

Product Manager

Anna Pozniak photo

Find Anna at the heart of our next marketing campaign. Find her designing the next landing page. Find her setting deadlines, checking drafts, and eyeing metrics; submitting guest posts or saying something on socials. Anna is NetHunt CRM’s voice.

Anna Pozniak

Chief Marketing Officer

Dmytro Tianulin photo

A professional negotiator, Dmutro will convince you of anything with a wave of his hand. He is always happy to chat - whether with clients about their experience using NetHunt CRM and the problems they need to solve, or with colleagues in the office — about anything and everything!

Dmytro Tianulin

Regional Director, Ukraine

Tais Alieinikova photo

With a passion for people and a talent for problem-solving, Tais ensures everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. She makes sure everyone enjoys every second of their NetHunt work experience. When not at work, you'll find Tais reading something new about psychology.

Tais Alieinikova

People Operations Partner

Arthur Morshakin photo

Arthur brings his expertise in building operational, reliable CRM solution to meet high standards. He ensures NetHunt CRM is scalable and ready for growth.

Arthur Morshakin

Full-stack Developer

Evheniy Perminov photo

Zhenya is our wizard that makes sure your NetHunt CRM works well alone and in combination with other apps. No matter how difficult integration you need to set up, there's nothing impossible for Zhenya.

Evheniy Perminov

Full-stack Developer

Dmytro Zarichniak photo

Dima is responsible for long-term relationships with clients. Dima helps them set up the system and get the most value out of NetHunt CRM.

Dmytro Zarichniak

Sales Manager

Vlad Artiukh photo

Vlad also owns a bar as one of his side projects, and that’s about all you need to know about him before you jump on a call with him. Oh, and if you need to build a really complicated automated process, he’ll do that for you. It’s his thing.

Vlad Artiukh

Customer Success Manager

Alexander Yanishevskiy photo

Oleksandr is a NetHunt CRM expert who helps users of the system realize their business requests. He dives headfirst into the processes of clients and helps them set NetHunt CRM in a way as to achieve all goals.

Alexander Yanishevskiy

Customer Success Manager

Julia Muzychka photo

Julia is a shining diamond of the Customer Success team. She’ll ping the developers on chat as many times as necessary to make sure we satisfy your requests and meet your expectations.

Julia Muzychka

Customer Success Manager

Kirill Aleksieienko photo

A NetHunt CRM user turned NetHunt CRM employee, Kirill knows everything about bending NetHunt CRM to fit specific business needs. He started his NetHunt CRM journey setting up the system for his past company, and now he's helping other businesses implement NetHunt CRM and meet their business goals.

Kirill Aleksieienko

Customer Success Manager

Kirill Skurikhin photo

No matter what idea our marketing team has in mind, Kirill will find the right words to tell the world about it in no time. The designated Gen Z of the company, Kirill knows everything about recent technological developments and makes sure to share them with the rest of us to optimise our workload.

Kirill Skurikhin

Marketing Writer

Julia Buryk photo

We think Julia might wear magic glasses. Surely one person can’t possess that much creativity and pay that much attention to detail, creating something so gorgeous, so regularly. We’re not ready to ask her. We don’t want to ruin the magic.

Julia Buryk

Marketing Designer

Nataliia Matviienko photo

Nataliia is the mastermind behind our website's sleek and user-friendly interface. She's always tinkering away behind the scenes, optimizing our site to ensure it's both aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

Nataliia Matviienko

Marketing Front-end Developer

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NetHunt CRM started in Kyiv, and has been expanding ever since. We’re proud to call ourselves a Ukrainian company, representing our country on the global stage. Our cute, cosey, and homely office is located in the heart of one of the most beautiful, vibrant cities in all of Europe. If you’re ever in the area, don’t be afraid to pop in and say hello!

651 N Broad St, Suite 206
Middletown, DE 19709
Honcharna St, 20,
Kyiv, Ukraine, 01025

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