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July 26, 12 PM EST

How to outbound in the dying outbound era


The CRM that sales
teams actually use

NetHunt integrates with Google Workspace so well, sales teams don’t require getting used to it. Filled with automation and productivity features, our CRM is a great sales assistant that boosts team performance.

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Collaborate and close deals faster

NetHunt makes teamwork easier and sales process more effective.

Tasks iconTasks

Tasks in NetHunt CRM organize your workload for the day. There's also a bunch of additional capabilities coming with them, including reminders and daily summary emails.

Mentions iconMentions

Ping your colleagues when you need their help or want to keep them up-to-date on the deal or opportunity.

Shared communication iconShared communication

Link your email conversations to companies, contacts, deals, and support cases in NetHunt CRM to make them visible for your colleagues.

Shared database iconShared database

Easily access all the important details next to the conversation with a prospect or lead. Essential information is always up-to-date and available when you need it the most.

Calendar sync iconCalendar sync

Schedule, update or edit Calendar events with your contacts right in your Gmail and automatically link them with relevant customers or prospects in NetHunt.

Formula fields iconFormula fields

Use NetHunt to automate all sorts of calculations, including sales commissions for yourself and your colleagues, price discount for your customers, etc.

Permissions iconPermissions

NetHunt CRM security features help protect business data against unauthorized access and tightly control user access to customer and sales information.

User groups iconUser groups

Create different user groups in order to regulate access to the various types of CRM data, folders, and features.

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