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How to outbound in the dying outbound era


Combine your favorite apps in a powerful Google CRM

NetHunt brings all the key Google Workspace applications into one intuitive system. Place the full-featured CRM next to your work emails, chat messages, and calendar events.



Google Calendar

Google Calendar

Google Contacts

Google Contacts

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Looker (Google Data) Studio

Looker (Google Data) Studio


GMAIL — Close deals right in your inbox

Capture incoming leads and accurately store client details.

See relevant customer data next to the ongoing conversation.

Automatically log and link your emails to appropriate contacts, companies, and deals.

Share logged emails with your team providing them with context and details for any customer, deal or request.

Send highly personalized email campaigns and automated drip campaigns.

Get notified when someone opens your email or clicks the link.

Find out what a Gmail CRM is and whether it fits your business  

GOOGLE CALENDAR — Bring client details to calendar events


NetHunt CRM integration with Google Calendar allows you to schedule events with your contacts right in your Gmail. The events will be automatically logged and linked with relevant customers or prospects, and can then be edited and updated without leaving your email client.

A meeting with your CRM contact will be stored in the contact’s timeline and can be accessed at any time for context and details.

And finally, this is a 2-way integration, which means that if an event is open from Google Calendar, it will show relevant customer data right next to it.

Keep your contacts updated at all times

NetHunt CRM will import and sync your Google Contacts populating your NetHunt account with Contacts from your Google Contacts account. The sync runs either daily or hourly depending on the subscription plan, and brings updates from one account to the other.

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Link and store important files

By integrating with Google Drive and Shared Drives, NetHunt allows adding files to your client profiles and uploading them to your Drive automatically. These files are then accurately organized and stored in your Google Drive or Shared Drive account and can be easily shared with the rest of the team or accessed later on.

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Stay on top of your negotiations

As a part of its integration with Google Workspace apps, NetHunt also works with Google Hangouts. It allows linking the chats with your customer to their profiles in NetHunt CRM. This way, sales reps are able to keep track of all the important conversation details with a client and access it when needed.

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LOOKER STUDIO (former Google Data Studio)
build interactive reports


NetHunt Connector syncs your CRM data directly into Looker Studio. Once you connect the data, you are able to create beautiful dashboards with all kinds of charts and tables offered by Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio) or their third-party partners. The connection that you established between Looker Studio and NetHunt CRM will refresh automatically with every change made.
Get your CRM data connected to Looker Studio

Why NetHunt CRM?

<span class="underline underline--long">Automation</span>


Take data entry and other routine manual tasks off your shoulders — focus on your current customers and new opportunities instead.

<span class="orange">Leads</span> and <span class="underline underline--short">pipeline</span> management

Leads and pipeline management

Collect leads from multiple sources, qualify them, capture details, sort, segment, and track their path through the sales pipeline — all right in your Gmail.

Team <span class="underline underline--long">performance</span>

Team performance

Get an instant view of your team’s performance, slow or critical deals, as well as the opportunities that need your attention.

Email <span class="underline underline--long">campaigns</span>

Email campaigns

Personalize your email campaigns with customer data and reach out to thousands of contacts in a few minutes.

<span class="underline underline--short">Reports</span> and <span class="orange">forecasting</span>

Reports and forecasting

Get an instant view of your team’s performance, slow or critical deals, as well as the opportunities that need your attention.

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