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Report, Action, Profit:
Take Back Business Control with Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio)

It’s fair to say that reporting isn’t everybody’s favourite task on the to-do list. However, we shouldn’t ignore it because the data we generate gives us a snapshot into our business’s health. Team managers and company leaders have tons of data to monitor, and have to use it right. Watch the webinar to learn how to pull real-time data, from different sources, into actionable dashboards. Get everything aggregated, from sales metrics and marketing campaigns, to website performance and team activity.

Over the course of the session, you’ll discover...

  • checkmarkThe importance of aggregated reports for data-driven decisions.
  • checkmarkThe necessary toolset for comprehensive business dashboards.
  • checkmarkThe reporting solutions that are available.
  • checkmarkHow to gather tons of data in a single dashboard with connectors.
  • checkmarkLooker Studio Ecosystem for business reporting.
  • checkmarkHow to build informative and easy-to understand dashboards.

Watch the webinar to create actionable dashboards to keep track of your business.

Hosted by Andrei Petrik,
CEO and Co-Founder at NetHunt CRM

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