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July 26, 12 PM EST

How to outbound in the dying outbound era


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We built NetHunt CRM to help you organize and work with your customer base in the most efficient way.

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NetHunt CRM makes
customer management easy

You’re better than all that data entry -
leave it in the past.


You don’t have to add new contacts manually

We’ve built Google Contacts Sync for NetHunt to synchronize your contacts with our CRM automatically and at regular intervals. In NetHunt, you create new contacts at the click of a button from inbound emails, LinkedIn, Intercom, or Facebook messages, and NetHunt automatically fills in contact’s details where available.

You don’t have to clean up duplicate contacts

Our team designed a special Duplicate Prevention feature for NetHunt CRM that always keeps your customer base clean.

This CRM feature removes, merges or warns you about potential duplicates when you add new contacts to NetHunt.

You don’t have to remind your team to fill in all the details

NetHunt’s Required Fields feature watches over your data to make sure your CRM contacts contain all the details that you need. You can pick which and how many fields should be required for your team. Required Fields feature is available for your Contacts, Companies, Deals, and also custom CRM folders.

You don’t have to worry about data leaks

NetHunt CRM stores your customer base securely in one place and protects you data from leaks or prying eyes by proper access management. NetHunt also goes through Google Security Assessment every year to confirm our CRM compliance with Google security policies and continue protecting NetHunt CRM user data.

The NetHunt CRM customer
card structure

NetHunt allows you to customize contact profile and provides a 360-degree overview of your customers.

NetHunt allows you to customize contact profile and provides a 360-degree overview of your customers.
Profile picture
Required fields
Clickable fields
Linked CRM records
Collapsible sections
Add new events
Tasks related to this Contact
Timeline filter
Email tracking stats
Calendar events
Field updates
  • Call logs
  • Comments and mentions
  • Linked Facebook chats
  • Field updates

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Access NetHunt customer data

You can view CRM details in a number of applications, such as...

screen of Gmail


NetHunt’s integration with Gmail places a complete customer profile alongside their relevant email conversations.

screen of Gmail
screen of LinkedIn


  • Find a sales lead on LinkedIn
  • Automatically add that lead to NetHunt with pre-filled details
  • View lead’s CRM data in LinkedIn.
screen of LinkedIn
screen of Intercom


NetHunt’s integration with Intercom displays CRM details beside customer conversations in Intercom and provides your Support and Sales teams with valuable context.

screen of Intercom
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