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CRM for small business puts
growth before anything else

In a growing business, there’s always a point when you realize — whatever you’ve been using to keep track of 100 or 400 clients doesn’t work when there are thousands of them. And when your business starts taking off faster than spreadsheets can handle, it’s time to move to CRM.

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So, what is a Small Business CRM?

Lets you focus on <span class="underline underline--white-little">growth</span>.

Lets you focus on growth.

Growth is the biggest challenge for small businesses. Growing companies need better leads, more customers, bigger teams, and higher profits. And while being in this process of growth, organizational processes need to be streamlined, productivity maximized, and results controlled. That’s when CRM for small businesses becomes invaluable.

Takes away manual <span class="underline underline--white-little">tasks.</span>

Takes away manual tasks.

For a growing business, where there are lots of data- and customer- related routine manual tasks to get completed throughout the day, increased automation can help streamline entire processes, taking stress off your shoulders, and giving you more time to do things that make money.

<span class="underline underline--white-little">Aligns</span> sales and marketing efforts.

Aligns sales and marketing efforts.

Small business CRM seamlessly fits your sales and marketing tasks allowing you to keep track of your leads from the very beginning of their journey to actual purchase and post-purchase. Set up your sales and marketing pipelines to watch leads and deals progress. Use reports and reminders to keep track of all the important opportunities.

Lets you focus on <span class="underline underline--white">opportunities</span>.

Lets you focus on opportunities.

CRM should not be only about storing customer data any more. Small businesses desperately require productivity features like tasks and reminders, email campaigns and open tracking, leads and pipeline management, team collaboration, data segmentation, integration with other tools — every possible tool that will help their business grow.

Top 10 best CRMs for small business

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Most wanted CRM features by small businesses

Email features

Email features

Enjoy automatic email logging, email tracking, email campaigns and analytics, an unsubscribe feature, email templates, and drip campaigns so you can reach out to thousands of customers in a few minutes.

Automation daily routine

Automation daily routine

From email logging to follow-ups and data entry, automate your processes, minimise the amount of routine tasks you and your team need to do. Free up a substantial amount of time for you to focus on what matters most — clients and leads.

Valuable insights

Valuable insights

Segment, sort, and save your customer data in any report you need. Get quick and smart answers to the productivity questions like: How many deals are we about to close? How many leads weren't processed? What is the sales forecast?

360-degree customer overview

360-degree customer overview

Easily capture and see all the client- or deal-related details. Important information should be always available and up-to-date, providing you with a valuable context when you need it the most.

Pipeline and lead management

Pipeline and lead management

Organize sales and marketing pipelines, define sales cycle stages to make it clearer which actions need to be taken, and help identify potential bottlenecks and problem points.



CRM for growing companies should also help foster effective communication between the team members, partners, and clients with features such as mentions, file and information sharing, task management, and shared calendars.

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Questions to ask before trying out a CRM

How much does the CRM cost?

There’s usually a subscription fee for your total number of users on a monthly or annual basis. Make sure there’s a pay-as-you-go plan available allowing you to grow with the CRM and not overspend your budget.

Does it offer a free trial?

Most of the cloud based CRM tools offer a 14-day free trial of the full-featured plan. You can use it to test the product, see which features you need, and pick up an appropriate subscription plan afterwards.

How easy it is to import my data?

The CRM should provide an easy way to import your data, regardless of whether you are migrating from a spreadsheet or another CRM.

How well the CRM is integrated with Gmail and other tools that I use?

If you’re using certain tools on a daily basis, like Gmail, Calendar, LinkedIn, or Google Contacts, the CRM should be able to integrate with them to keep the data synchronized and updated across all the sources.

Can the CRM be adapted to my business?

There are no two identical companies as there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all CRM setup. Make sure that the CRM customization capabilities allow you to change whatever you need in a quick and simple way.

Does the CRM have a mobile app?

These days it's vital to make sure your sales team can view and update customer data anytime and anywhere.

What types of reporting does the CRM offer?

Big part of the value that CRM provides is its reporting capabilities. Check whether the CRM has the types of reports that you need and if you can add more as you go.

What kind of support and maintenance is offered?

Make sure that the Support Team is helpful and available in your time zone. It is also worth checking how fast issue tickets are processed and how long it takes for new features to be implemented.

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NetHunt has made my working process 100% more efficient, helping me organise all my emails and enquiries. To top it off, the support I have received to fit the system to my exact business has been second to none.”

Wayne Fiddes, Director at iGarden

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