Copper CRM Alternative for Small Business: NetHunt

If you are tired of your old software and seek an efficient alternative to Copper CRM for Google, NetHunt is a perfect solution. NetHunt provides a highly functional Gmail CRM system, which is ready to use right away - no special skills or training required.

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Copper VS NetHunt CRM: Main Features and Pricing Analysis

Both platforms are focused on integration with Gmail, which may benefit any sales team. But is NetHunt CRM similar to Copper? It seems to be close to Prosperworks CRM software but, in fact, they have a few entirely different features.


Monthly price per 1 user

Annual subscription cost of the most popular plan.



Web application

A separate web app with access to the CRM without opening Gmail inbox.



Full Gmail inbox integration

Everything from the CRM is available from inside the inbox. No need to switch tabs.

NetHunt CRM is built and fully available inside Gmail

Side paned with limited CRM functionality

Easy data import

Grab a customer card or a record and move it to the next stage.

Streak, Insightly, OnePage, Copper, API Endpoints


Basic CRM essentials

Contact management, Deals & Opportunities, Pipelines, etc.



Automation & Productivity features

Automated email logging, Email open and click tracking, Follow-ups, Bulk update, Formulas



Mobile applications

Apps for iOS and Android.



Customization capabilities

A possibility to fully customize views, fields, layouts, pipedrive, etc.

Full CRM customization to your needs

Custom fields and reports

Comparing Copper CRM VS NetHunt, the latter offers customization capabilities and dedicated Customer Success team. On the contrary, one of the Copper CRM features is task management, which is only planned in NetHunt.

Speaking of Copper CRM pricing, the system offers much more expensive plans. Comparing NetHunt and Copper CRM pros and cons, you may notice that NetHunt CRM is a CRM fully integrated with Gmail, while Copper has only part of functionality available in your Inbox.

Top reasons to choose NetHunt CRM over a CRM from Prosperworks

G Suite integration

G Suite integration

Benefit from all standard G Suite apps integrated into your CRM.

Flexibility and customization

Flexibility and customization

Customize every aspect of NetHunt CRM to enjoy it to the fullest!

Customizable email campaigns

Customizable email campaigns

Create personal tailor-made email campaigns and send them out directly from your CRM.

Competitive pricing plans

Competitive pricing plans

Choose the pricing plan that matches your growth. Pay for the full year. Or, pay as you go.

CRM Migration from Copper to NetHunt CRM

Migrating from one CRM to another shouldn’t be a pain in the neck. NetHunt makes it easier providing our full support and guidance. Follow these simple steps to migrate your CRM to NetHunt:

  • Select the folder you want to export
  • Export data as a CSV file
  • Start creating a new folder in NetHunt CRM
  • Choose "Import from CSV"

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