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Just a sidebar?<br> Meet <span class="blue">genuine</span> <span class="underlined">Gmail CRM</span> !

Just a sidebar?
Meet genuine Gmail CRM !

To be able to grow your business, you need to focus all your energy on what you do best.

We get it. We've got your back.

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It’s time to upgrade from Copper when...

Privacy is<br>important

Privacy is

You want to have control on what data to add to your CRM and what data to keep private.

Price is<br>too high

Price is
too high

Your team has grown bigger and the CRM bills have gotten too expensive.

Email campaigns become a must

Email campaigns become a must

You want to send personalized email campaigns to a large number of users or leads.

There’s no unified<br>data center

There’s no unified
data center

It is time to finally align the efforts of your sales and marketing teams.

Why NetHunt CRM over Copper?



G2 score



Price (per user/per month)

$24 - $120

$19 - $119

Direct data import from another CRM

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Native integration with Gmail

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Native integration with LinkedIn

2-way integration

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Personalized email campaigns


limitations apply

Advanced email campaign analytics

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Send test email

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Add unsubscribe option to email campaigns

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Send follow-up campaign from the previous email campaign

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Control over the data you add to CRM

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Required fields

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Formulas support

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Grow better.

Grow happier.

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   NetHunt is for me the only possible CRM which you can choose if you use G Suite/Gmail, because it’s the only one which is really fully integrated and works. The support is perfect, hard to find somewhere better one. It’s affordable for the small company as well as for the big ones.

It helped us very much in the daily business, to track sales, to link all important information/emails to one client, so it’s very easy for us to do our work.

The big benefit is that we can work with our base of clients and do a cross- / upselling; and not always we have to only get new clients, it helps to keep clients in service and for a long time.

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Oliver Keplinger, Managing Director at KEP Consult

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