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NetHunt CRM integration with WhatsApp

NetHunt CRM integration with WhatsApp empowers businesses to streamline their customer communication. Create customer records from WhatsApp chats, save communication history, and respond to messages all from one platform.

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Never miss a single inquiry sent via WhatsApp

Connecting WhatsApp to NetHunt CRM via the integration allows you to access all your WhatsApp messages from the Chats tab of NetHunt CRM. Thanks to that, no messages will go unnoticed — every new inquiry from a lead or a customer will pop up right in the CRM.

Create customer records in NetHunt CRM from WhatsApp chats in seconds

With the NetHunt CRM integration with WhatsApp, you can forget about wasting time transferring customer information from the app to your CRM. Now, you can create customer records from chats and enrich them with all the publicly available WhatsApp information in just a few clicks.

Store all messages in one place

Every WhatsApp communication between you and your leads and customers will be saved to their customer records in NetHunt CRM. You can always go back and read all the messages to refresh your memory, find the details, and prepare for effective meetings.

Respond to WhatsApp messages from NetHunt CRM

With the NetHunt CRM integration with WhatsApp, you no longer need to disrupt your workflow to respond to leads and customers in the app. Instead, you can reply to all the messages from the comfort of your NetHunt CRM workspace, either from the Chats tab or the customer’s record.

Share communication history with your team

Want to get more people on board with your deal? The integration allows you to give access to messages sent and received via the WhatsApp business profile with your team members. That way, everyone can be on the same page, working collaboratively towards achieving the common goal.

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All integrations

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