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NetHunt CRM integration with Instagram

Never miss an Instagram Direct message, comment or Stories mention again! NetHunt CRM's Instagram integration lets you manage interactions with leads and customers from the comfort of the CRM: create records, save communication history, and respond without leaving the system.

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Manage Instagram interactions from NetHunt CRM

Don’t let sales opportunities fall through the cracks. Have the NetHunt CRM integration with Instagram register every incoming DM, comment and Stories mention on your business’s Instagram account so that you can respond to them all.

Create customer records from chats in a click

Forget about copying and pasting information from Instagram to your CRM. With the NetHunt CRM integration with Instagram, you can create customer records from chats and comments or Stories in a matter of seconds. The CRM will automatically enrich the record with all the publicly available Instagram data.

Save all communication history in the customer record in the CRM

Always have full communication context at your fingertips. Whether you exchange messages on Instagram or from within the CRM, the integration will automatically link all the messages to the customer’s record in the CRM.

Respond to messages from the Chats tab or record Timeline

Juggling between different apps and tabs no more! The NetHunt CRM integration with Instagram allows you to respond to Instagram direct messages from within the CRM. The best thing? You’re not limited to just text — the integration also supports voice notes, images, and videos!

Collaborate with your team and improve customer support

Provide stellar customer service and have everyone on the same page, regardless of who communicates with the lead or customer. The integration allows you to share access to communication history with all team members.

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Personal chats

Communicate with customers in a convenient messenger. Create leads from chats and save all the communication history.

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Get important deals- or client-related notifications to Slack for timely decisions.

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NetHunt integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn, bringing CRM capabilities to your favourit lead generation platform.

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All integrations

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