Access NetHunt CRM right from your Gmail

Organize your sales with the CRM that lives in your Gmail. Create a single hub to unify your beloved apps - CRM for sales team, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, Meet, and more! There is no need to leave your inbox to create new records and stay in the context of every deal.

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Leave the nightmare of a tricky CRM setup behind. Empower your sales with Gmail CRM.

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Manage Leads in Gmail

Collect leads from multiple sources in one click, qualify them, sort, segment, and track their path through the sales pipeline - all right in their Gmail.

Monitor Sales Pipeline in Inbox

Create custom pipelines and get a snapshot of where deals are in the sales process. Create folders, add & remove fields in a pipeline and develop a unique deal closing strategy tailored to your business.

Send Personalized Mass Emails

Reach thousands of customers in a few minutes with bulk email campaigns from your Gmail account. Personalise your emails with customer’s name, project details, exclusive discounts, and other variables. Gain insights into email performance with open and click tracking.

Increase Team Performance

Share records with your team and assign them tasks inside Gmail. Turn on auto-reminders and never miss a lead. Your sales performance - our top priority. This is why NetHunt CRM always reminds you about expired emails, follow-ups, meetings, and calls.



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Manage invoices, track payments, and view invoice history from your NetHunt CRM.

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Google Workspace


Connect records to Spreadsheets, Calendar & other Google Workspace apps to stay in context.

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