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How to Move from Spreadsheets to CRM

Discover how to move away from Spreadsheets, reach your revenue goals and unlock new sales productivity levels with practical tips that will help automate your daily routine.

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Business owners


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About the Webinar

Have you ever calculated the cost of routine tasks for your business? As your customer base grows, it’s becoming harder to access and work together in shared Spreadsheet/Excel files and keep all the customer information updated.

A CRM solution opens up amazing opportunities for startups, small businesses and large enterprises alike to stay ahead of the competition.

Watch this webinar for a crash course on shifting from Spreadsheets to CRM and boost productivity across your teams.

In this 30 minute live webinar you'll learn:

  • The pain points of using Excel/Spreadsheets.
  • A step-by-step guide on shifting to the CRM system - data preparation, emails linking, contacts synching.
  • How to align sales and marketing departments.
  • Advanced features of CRM to reduce daily routine by up to 30%.
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Thank you for registering for this webinar!

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