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Move away from messy spreadsheets and take your business to the next level with NetHunt — CRM for Real Estate.

Built for real estate agents and agencies, NetHunt offers the best way to organize contacts database, manage sales pipelines, automate tasks, and quickly find client details when you need them!

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Best CRM for Real Estate Agents
Real Estate Agents
Individual Brokers

What is a CRM
In Real Estate?

Real Estate CRM software organizes real estate agency information, collects leads from multiple sources, and maintains their data in a strictly uniform way.

Centralizes data

Centralizes data

Centralize all your valuable data; from client data, through team and calendar data, to important business insight data. Whether in-the-field or in-the-office, ensure your team can access, upload, and update that data at all times by choosing a CRM provider with mobile app access. Deliver a seamless CRM experience and give your team the chance to thrive, together. Never miss an opportunity again.

Speeds up response times

Speeds up response times

Obviously, you don’t want a complete overhaul of the systems you already use. Choose a CRM system that integrates with them. Amongst others, NetHunt CRM fully integrates with Gmail; it fits snug inside your existing Gmail inbox, cooperating with the features that Gmail already provides. In fact, CRM developers constantly develop native integrations their users want and need.

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Notifies teams

Notifies teams

Things move quickly in business. Answering calls, tapping out emails, brainstorming business ideas; you’re spinning plates. Naturally, things get missed… but not with CRM. A relatively new feature, you can set notifications for your chosen communication platforms using something called web hooks.

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Deals with the money side of things

Deals with the money side of things

There’s an elephant in the room and it’s called money. But why? Money shouldn’t be so difficult to talk about or deal with, so we’ll tell you straight. You can stay on top of the financial side of things automatically with a good CRM system.

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Helps develop long-term customer relationships

Helps develop long-term customer relationships

Your chosen real estate CRM platform needs a bulk email feature. This allows users to build and segment a list of recipients, prepare the most beautiful, eye-catching emails from pre-set templates, and take full control of their bulk email delivery process. It’s the details that matter, so offer your customers a fully-personalised marketing and sales experience with mail merge.

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It actually ended up being one of the best decisions
I’ve ever made as far as my CRMs.

Chris Lewis photo

Chris Lewis,
President at Massive Property Group
of All First Realty

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For Brokers

  • Organize your base and get instant access to priority deals
  • Manage, coordinate and supervise agents remotely
  • Discover top-performing marketing channels
  • Get updated details on the properties on the surface
  • Match property buyers & sellers fast and earn a higher commission
  • Get detailed reports on sales and productivity of every agent
  • Customize CRM to cut off your daily routine by 30%

For Agents and Realtors

  • Provide immediate response to online requests
  • See all estate property updates at fingertips
  • Keep unlimited documents and clients’ info organized
  • Stay connected to your leads and prospects 24/7
  • Get context on any conversations fast from any device
  • Sync all the work applications with ONE CRM
  • Access the newest marketing tools and email tracking stats
  • Close leads right in your smartphone, from any place

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