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Real Estate CRM

Simplify real estate transactions effortlessly with NetHunt CRM for Real Estate.

Built for real estate agents, agencies, and brokers, NetHunt offers the best way to organize contacts database, manage sales pipelines, automate tasks, and quickly find client details when you need them!

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What Is a CRM In Real Estate?

Real estate CRM helps real estate professionals to efficiently manage and nurture their client relationships throughout the property buying or selling processes. It organizes critical client details, property listings, communication history, appointments, tasks, and marketing campaigns.

Centralizes data

Centralizes data

No more wasted time searching for emails, phone numbers, contract or property information. NetHunt CRM lets you collect client information, such as budget, timeframe, preferred locations, and more so you can build a comprehensive customer profile and find the most relevant properties for each customer.

NetHunt CRM is accessible for agents everywhere – on desktop or mobile.

Automates workflows

Automates workflows

Keep your agents and brokers organized ensuring they never miss an opportunity by automating their processes:

  • Send follow-up emails to clients, birthday messages, and other time-sensitive communication.
  • Assign managers automatically to make connections faster.
  • Receive notifications about deal updates.
  • Create tasks in compliance with due dates.

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Streamlines Commission Calculations

Streamlines Commission Calculations

With a CRM system for real estate, you can streamline the entire commission process. The software can effortlessly handle different commission rates and multiple agents. By automating these calculations, you ensure accurate remuneration for your hard-working agents.

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Helps develop long-term customer relationships

Helps develop long-term customer relationships

Nurture leads, stay engaged with clients, and provide personalized experiences by leveraging NetHunt CRM. With features like contact management and segmentation, bulk email campaigns with mail merge, and deal tracking, you can build trust, enhance communication, and drive successful transactions in the competitive real estate market.

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Keeps you on track with reports

Keeps you on track with reports

Gain valuable insights into the performance of agents or teams and effortlessly manage and monitor all your deals using our reports.

  • Define your best sources of dead.
  • Filter deals based on status, type, agent, etc.
  • Set and monitor monthly or annual revenue goals.
  • Track key metrics to compare agent performance.

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Connect NetHunt CRM to other tools you use

Send necessary and important transaction information to your other favorite tools with just a simple status change.

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Developer HUB

“I have been using for the past 5 years. Having built my own CRM in the past and customised other CRM platforms I can honestly say NetHunt has a clean interface and works brilliantly with Google and integrates seamlessly into my gmail which saves me a lot of time and effort. I would highly recommend this to any small business looking to start out and grow quickly and efficiently without needing technical knowledge of CRM’s.”

Al Bhanji photo

Al Bhanji

CEO of Developer Finance HUB

manifest solutions

“I love how customizable the folders and workflows are - you can really build anything you want! Now my company is organized, automated, and my team communicates in the same place so everyone knows what's going on at all times. Not to mention, their Customer Support Team is second to none. I don't think I've ever waited more than about 10 minutes for a response to any question, no matter how hard.”

Julianna Satterly photo

Julianna Satterly

Co-founder of Manifest Solutions

Massive digital media

“It turned out to be one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. It saves me a lot of money and time with custom workflows.”

Chris Lewis photo

Chris Lewis

President at Massive Property Group

NetHunt CRM for brokers

  • Discover top-performing marketing channels.
  • Manage, coordinate and supervise agents remotely.
  • Distribute leads to your preferred agents.
  • Calculate commissions for agents.
  • Get detailed reports on sales and productivity of every agent.
  • Get updated details on the properties on the surface.
  • Automate processes to close deals faster.
  • Set reminders and tasks to never miss a deadline.
  • Customize CRM to cut off your daily routine by 30%.

NetHunt CRM for real estate agents & teams

  • Keep documents and clients’ info organized.
  • Get context on any conversations fast from any device.
  • Reduce the time between a lead coming in and agents contacting them.
  • Define the most effective lead sources.
  • Get the list of daily to-dos and receive activity reminders.
  • Work on the go with iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Receive notifications on deal updates.
  • Send email campaigns with unique information from customer card (mail merge).
  • Collaborate with the team.
  • Identify the best performing agents.

Gmail and NetHunt CRM: the perfect pair to skyrocket your sales

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