Looking for Hubspot alternatives?

Discover the Ideal CRM for Outbound Sales: NetHunt CRM vs HubSpot.

Are you seeking a CRM that excels in outbound sales and offers great value? NetHunt CRM is your go-to solution, outperforming HubSpot in lead generation, cold outreach, sales automation, contact enrichment, and multichannel sequences. Discover an affordable, end-to-end outbound sales tool tailored to your needs.

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Three key reasons to choose NetHunt CRM over HubSpot

NetHunt CRM shines where HubSpot falls short. Here’s why it stands out:

Unmatched Outbound Sales Efficiency


Provides a comprehensive suite for sales management but may not fully cater to the specific demands of outbound sales.

NetHunt CRM

Designed with outbound sales in mind, NetHunt CRM offers superior features:

  • advanced lead generation

  • effective cold outreach sequences

  • comprehensive sales automation

  • detailed contacts enrichment

  • efficient multichannel sequences.

This makes it an ideal tool for managing the entire outbound sales cycle.

High Customizability


While offering customization options in the advanced plans, they might not meet all specific business needs.

NetHunt CRM

Stands out with its high level of customizability, allowing you to tailor the CRM environment perfectly to your unique business model and processes.

Far More Affordable


Offers a free version with basic features, but advanced functionalities can increase costs significantly.

NetHunt CRM

Not only provides a more focused set of tools for outbound sales but does so at a much more affordable price point, ensuring you get the maximum value for your investment.

NetHunt CRM vs Hubspot CRM comparison

Find out why NetHunt CRM is a better alternative to Hubspot.


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All information was last verified in November 2023.
Found outdated details? Email us at support@nethunt.com.
For more information on NetHunt CRM features and costs, check out our pricing page.

Why did these businesses switch to NetHunt CRM?

Discover why forward-thinking businesses made the move to NetHunt CRM.

Fruit Punch AI logo

“Great product, less expensive than alternatives”

We have used NetHunt for much more than just CRM. The flexibility of NetHunt's workflows has helped us get many company processes off the ground. Setting up no-code automation with minimal effort has helped us experiment quickly, which is vital to any startup.

Sako Arts photo

Sako Arts

CTO & Co-Founder, Fruit Punch AI

Xilva Global logo

“Native integration with Gmail and Linkedin”

This has streamlined our sales process from first outreach to deal closing, enabling us to prioritize leads and respond promptly to inquiries. Additionally, the email tracking feature gives us insights into client engagement, allowing us to tailor our communications.

Lorenzo Garofano photo

Lorenzo Garofano

Co-Founder, Xilva Global

nTeaser logo

“Switching to Nethunt was an amazing decision”

With Nethunt we are much more organised, and all the information is gathered in one place. Not only we manage our contacts and campaigns easily, but also the company projects and all the employees tasks.

Carmen Izquierdo Serrano photo

Carmen Izquierdo Serrano

Founder, nTeaser

Recom logo

“Our previous system missed two critical features - workflows and reporting system to share stats with our clients”

With NetHunt’s workflows we automate our processes and prioritize tasks. We report to our clients every day, and it’s convenient with NetHunt’s integration with Looker Studio – all the stats are updated in real-time.

Jeoffrey Burton photo

Jeoffrey Burton

Performance Manager, Recom

Users love NetHunt CRM

Which is confirmed by numerous independent awards and feedback. All that we do, we do for our clients.

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