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How to move from spreadsheets to CRM


logo Tired of using Airtable as a CRM?

Switch to NetHunt CRM and bring your sales to a new level.

NetHunt CRM brings together contacts, deals, teams, and processes, standardizing how your sales team closes more revenue.

  • No lost deals due to fragmented data
  • No steep learning curves
  • Automated processes that help you scale
  • x5 more closed deals
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Six reasons why NetHunt CRM is a better alternative to Airtable CRM

NetHunt CRM works better than a CRM in Airtable — here’s why.

icon It keeps all your data in one place

logo Airtable

You have to switch between tabs, tables, spreadsheets, task managers, email campaigns, etc. This complicates things and makes it harder to sync and match data.

Plus, your sales reps lose deals because they don’t have complete info about leads in front of their eyes.

icon NetHunt CRMNetHunt CRM

  • Everything you need to know about leads and customers in one place — your CRM record: contact information, emails, chats, documents, tasks, and more.

  • You can easily track every change in the customer card.

icon It’s more effective at processing and prioritizing leads

logo Airtable

Sales managers often overlook the most promising leads. Why? Because they lack a systematic approach to tracking client interactions.

icon NetHunt CRMNetHunt CRM

  • Assign deals from every category to a dedicated sales rep, ensuring accountability.

  • Identify engaged leads with email opens.

  • Monitor the last interaction day with a lead to follow up on time.

icon It keeps your business data safe & sound

logo Airtable

When a sales rep leaves the company, they can just take all the customer data with them. Plus, all the communication and interactions will stay in the manager's inbox.

icon NetHunt CRMNetHunt CRM

Access controls and permission settings ensure your business information is protected. NetHunt CRM enables you to display only the information that managers need to see. The system logs every interaction and change and reflects it in the customer's record.

icon It lets you automate sales — and more!

logo Airtable

Without automation, managers forget to follow up leads in time.

Moreover, the team doesn't want to use Airtable as a CRM because it’s way too overwhelming and requires lots of manual work.

icon NetHunt CRMNetHunt CRM

  • Add leads from various sources automatically to the CRM. Get all related data, and assign them to managers.

  • Set automatic tasks for managers to ensure timely follow-ups, preparation of documentation, and more.

  • Update deal status automatically. Enjoy reliable sales forecasting!

  • Manage internal approvals seamlessly through automation.

icon It helps you understand how your business is doing

logo Airtable

Limited understanding and insights into individual performance and sales metrics.

icon NetHunt CRMNetHunt CRM

Provides comprehensive visibility into each manager's pipeline, including the number of deals closed and their value.

You can see which sources bring the most valuable customers, identify bottlenecks, and uncover opportunities for growth.

icon It integrates with other tools you use

logo Airtable

Requires third-party services like Zapier for deeper integration. This means additional costs and resources.

icon NetHunt CRMNetHunt CRM

  • Gmail integration: Manage contacts, sales, and projects without leaving your inbox.

  • LinkedIn integration: Generate leads and enhance your sales prospecting.

  • Messaging platforms: Text clients on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and more.

  • Email campaigns: Templates, personalization, analytics.

NetHunt CRM vs. Airtable as a CRM


Manual data entry

unchecked icon

checked icon

Lead prioritization

checked icon

unchecked icon

Visualized sales pipeline

checked icon

unchecked icon

Unified communication across different channels

checked icon

unchecked icon

History of interactions and status changes

checked icon

unchecked icon

Team collaboration

checked icon

unchecked icon

Roles and permissions

checked icon

unchecked icon

Built-in workflows & automation

checked icon

unchecked icon

Native integrations (Gmail, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Slack, etc)

checked icon

unchecked icon

Steep learning curve

unchecked icon

checked icon

High degree of customizability

checked icon

unchecked icon

Built-in multichannel campaigns

checked icon

unchecked icon

Scaling potential

checked icon

unchecked icon

Sales performance and analytics

checked icon

unchecked icon


checked icon

unchecked icon

Automated notifications

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These businesses switched to NetHunt CRM and never looked back

nTeaser logo

“Switching to Nethunt was an amazing decision”

With Nethunt we are much more organised, and all the information is gathered in one place. Not only we manage our contacts and campaigns easily, but also the company projects and all the employees tasks.

Carmen Izquierdo Serrano photo

Carmen Izquierdo Serrano

Founder at nTeaser

ZenML logo

“It has made us so much more organized and confident with our deals”

NetHunt's startup program provided us with an easy path to test and evaluate the strengths of the tools. We found NetHunt to be the most integrated with our workflows, and it has made us so much more organized and confident with our deals!

Hamza Tahir photo

Hamza Tahir

Co-Creator & CTO at ZenML

Xilva Global logo

“Instrumental in optimizing our BD operations without straining our budget”

Getting access to premium features at an affordable rate has been instrumental in optimizing our BD operations without straining our budget. The training materials have empowered our team to harness the full potential of the CRM and to develop sales skills.

Lorenzo Garofano photo

Lorenzo Garofano

Co-Founder at Xilva Global

Recom logo

“x5 New clients in 2 years”

With the combination of email automation and being able to see the stage of every lead in the pipeline, we can generate up to 25 more high-quality leads per month.

Jeoffrey Burton photo

Jeoffrey Burton

Performance Manager at Recom


“Increased pipeline visibility”

I can say for sure that we need it and only NetHunt, nothing else. I do not want another window on my computer, I want it to be linked with my Gmail and it is perfect and simple.

Jérôme Hérard photo

Jérôme Hérard

Founding Partner at VIADIRECT

epom logo

“+45% SQLs with Nethunt’s Workflows”

With NetHunt, we have a hand on the pulse of exactly what is happening in our leads’ worlds, which channels bring us revenue and where we are losing opportunities in our pipeline.

Sergey Schelkov photo

Sergey Schelkov

Sales Executive at epom

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