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NetHunt CRM keeps track of all the sales activity within your company. Track pipeline performance, identify trends and customer patterns, team activity and more. Customizable for easy analysis and decision-making.

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CRM reports to fuel your growth

NetHunt CRM reports identify for you which parts of your sales process are working and which ones are not.

Sales pipeline report iconSales pipeline report

The sales pipeline report gives you a snapshot of how sales opportunities are progressing. Here you can analyze a segment of deals to identify any bottlenecks in your funnel.

Total sales report iconTotal sales report

The total sales report shows you the value of all the deals in the Won stage. You can sort and filter deals by owner, customer, source, etc.

Sales by Customer report iconSales by Customer report

This report shows you the deal value distribution by customer and reveals whether you are selling to many smaller value customers or to less larger value ones.

Sales by Owner report iconSales by Owner report

Here you can find out how much revenue each of your sales reps is bringing. Identify your top performers and share their strategies across the team.

Sales by Source report iconSales by Source report

Find out where most of your deals are coming from and distribute your investment wisely across the deal sources.

Sales forecast iconSales forecast

How much revenue have you forecasted to bring in next quarter? Build this report to see how your expected sales compare to actual sales.

Lost reason report iconLost reason report

Identify common loss reasons to understand why your deals are lost and what you can do to improve.

Sales goals report iconSales goals report

See how close your team is to reaching the overall sales goal. Once a sales rep moves a deal to Won stage, this report will automatically update.

Time in stage report iconTime in stage report

Use this report to identify the ideal time a deal should spend in each sales stage and improve your team performance.

Time in stage by Owner iconTime in stage by Owner

Which stages your sales reps are spending the most time in? Find out if the deals are being held longer than the average stage duration.

Lead source report iconLead source report

This report gives you valuable insights as to how well each marketing source is performing in terms of generating new leads.

Marketing pipeline report iconMarketing pipeline report

Find out the status of all of your leads within a specific time period. How many leads are qualified? How many are on the nurturing stage? How many are close to being sales-ready?

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