Pipeline management for sales teams

NetHunt keeps your deals organized, gives you control over your sales process, and provides insights into what works and what doesn't.

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CRM pipeline is the center of your sales process

There is a lot you can get out of a pipeline in NetHunt CRM. Start with these few suggestions.


Track sales progress

Pipeline is essential for salespeople as they juggle multiple deals at a time. It gives an overview of all leads, of the deals that fall behind, the actions that need to be completed, and understanding of each lead’s value for your business.

Forecast your revenue

Predict the number of deals and their value that you will be able to close within a given timeframe. Calculate a sales forecast for your team, the whole company, or each salesperson.

Build multiple pipelines

No company is the same. That is why we built NetHunt to be able to fit your business, your sales processes, and your products or services. Build as many pipelines as you need it and customize them your way.

Automate your sales process

Move a prospect to the next stage automatically, based on their response. Set alerts for when something important happens. Create a set of tasks for a pipeline stage and automatically assign them to a Sales Rep when their deal goes to this stage.

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Set up more than just one pipeline

Build as many pipelines as you need to fit your business.

Sales pipeline

Sales pipeline

A well implemented sales pipeline improves your sales process, provides forecasts, automates sales reporting, offers insights into the success of different sales strategies, and allows you to allocate resources where they need to be allocated.

Marketing pipeline

Marketing pipeline

If you’re doing inbound marketing, you can visualize the whole lead nurturing process with a marketing pipeline up until leads become sales-ready and are passed on to your sales team. It will help you get on top of your future sales, and show effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and email messages.

Pipelines for different products

Pipelines for different products

Different products produce different results, therefore it’s important for your business to fully understand where those results come from. One step in the pipeline may need tweaking for one product, but might be perfect for the other.

Pipelines for different channels

Pipelines for different channels

You might want to utilise several channels to make as much money as possible, as opposed to being bound to just one channel. In this case, you would be able to create separate pipelines on the different sales channels and determine which ones are most fruitful for your business.

Post-sales pipeline

Post-sales pipeline

You also might need a post-sales game plan to increase the value each customer gives your business. For example, a post-sales pipeline for real-estate agents might look like this: Drip > Visit > Referral offer > Referral > Repeat.

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