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How to move from spreadsheets to CRM


Get more out of the tools you already have

The way NetHunt integrates with Gmail is unmatched. But we’re not limiting our integrations list to the Google Workspace family. Explore your favourite apps below and see how they connect with NetHunt CRM.


Access NetHunt CRM directly from your inbox. No need to switch between tabs.

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Google Workspace

Connect NetHunt with Google chat, Calendar & other Google Workspace apps to stay in context.

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NetHunt integrates seamlessly with LinkedIn, bringing CRM capabilities to your favourit lead generation platform.

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Looker (Google Data) Studio

Connect your CRM data to build interactive reports and dashboards, and share them with your team or the world.

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Google Contacts

Upgrade your Google contacts with CRM functionality and add them to your sales process.

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Create new contacts from Intercom chats, update client information and stay in context at all times.

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Personal chats

Communicate with customers in a convenient messenger. Create leads from chats and save all the communication history.

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Direct, comments, and Stories

Promote your brand on Instagram and turn every Direct message, Stories mention or comment under the post into a deal.

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Facebook Messenger

Never miss a chat from Facebook. Keep the conversation history linked to your customer profile in NetHunt CRM.

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Chatbots and personal chats

Tie and store messages from Telegram with customer records in the CRM.

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Create deals and customer records directly from the messenger. Respond to Viber messages from the CRM system.

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Stream Telecom

Connect with leads through the phone from NetHunt CRM. Sync all the data from calls with NetHUnt for higher conversions.

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Make and receive calls directly from the CRM. Tie call logs with your CRM records.

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Get important deals- or client-related notifications to Slack for timely decisions.

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Send e-documents, track their status and once signed - store them in related records.

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Upload Excel, OneDrive and other documents to never miss a thing.

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View financial information - invoicing and payment statuses - in a single record.

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Make, receive and log calls, see caller info, create call notes directly from your CRM.

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Elevate your Outlook with a CRM: customers, deals, pipelines and more in one tab.

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Make and receive calls from CRM, store call logs, and link them to relevant client profile.

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Manage invoices, track payments, and view invoice history from your NetHunt CRM.

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Didn’t find the app you were looking for?

Meet our integration partners.


Instantly and without a single line of code, Zapier allows you to connect NetHunt CRM with 1,000+ apps to automate your work.

Explore Zapier

Apiant’s Hybrid Integration Platform (HIP) connects apps and systems enabling everyone to automate their business.

Explore Apiant

Connect NetHunt CRM to any other app that you use via Make (former Integromat) to automate repetitive tasks.

Explore Make
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