Automate Your Processes with a Real Estate Transaction Management System

Manage the complex processes associated with real estate transactions and tasks within a single tool. Handle the entire deal from offer to close.

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What is a real estate transaction management system?

Real estate transaction management software is a specialised software solution designed to streamline and automate the processes involved in managing real estate transactions. It helps ensure that all necessary documents, contracts, and disclosures are properly managed, deadlines are met, and communication among the parties involved is seamless. Real estate transaction management software significantly enhances productivity, reduces errors, and facilitates smoother transactions for real estate professionals and their clients.

Must-have features of a transaction management software for real estate...

  • Document management

  • Task management

  • Workflows

  • Auto reminders and notifications

  • Email marketing functionality

  • Email templates

  • Integration with different channels

  • Collaborative functionality

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Mobile accessibility

Complete Transaction Management

Comprehensive real estate transaction management solution that integrates people and software to optimize time management and enhance customer experience.

Manage tasks & keep track of transaction deadlines

Automate your entire transaction workflow

Improve organization and collaborate with team members

Auto-populate contracts with NetHunt’s data & store documents

How does NetHunt CRM help in managing real estate transactions?

Lead generation & lead capture

Centralized communication

Collect leads for your real estate agency from various channels and centralise all the data in a single CRM system — segmented, clean, reliable, and easily manageable. Whether it’s an email, call, messenger chat or website request – everything is stored in a system.

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Sales pipeline

Relationship management

Organize and store all information about transactions in a single place – communication, documents, parties involved etc.

  • Store your contact database with timelines, key tasks, & files.
  • Customize cards and add fields that you need.
  • Apply tags to segment groups of contacts.
  • Attach documents to records for entire history of relations.
More about customer relationship management
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Organise customer data, automate business processes and grow sales with NetHunt CRM.

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Ready to see NetHunt CRM in action?

Sales Automation

Transactions workflow automation

Streamline your processes, reduce human errors, and ensure that every deal is on track with automated transaction management software.

  • Automate reminders.
  • Create tasks in compliance with due dates.
  • Save email templates to automate repetitive emails.
  • Send automated, yet personalized follow-ups based on triggers.
More about workflows
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Insights & Reporting

Better reporting

Gain valuable insights on agents or team performance and keep track of all your transactions with ease through our views and reports.

  • Define your best lead sources.
  • Filter transactions by status, type, agent, etc.
  • Track overdue, closing, or expiring transaction.
  • Set monthly or annual goals and monitor progress.
  • Track key metrics and compare agent performance.
More about reports
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Developer HUB

“I have been using for the past 5 years. Having built my own CRM in the past and customised other CRM platforms I can honestly say NetHunt has a clean interface and works brilliantly with Google and integrates seamlessly into my gmail which saves me a lot of time and effort. I would highly recommend this to any small business looking to start out and grow quickly and efficiently without needing technical knowledge of CRM’s.”

Al Bhanji photo

Al Bhanji

CEO of Developer Finance HUB

manifest solutions

“I love how customizable the folders and workflows are - you can really build anything you want! Now my company is organized, automated, and my team communicates in the same place so everyone knows what's going on at all times. Not to mention, their Customer Support Team is second to none. I don't think I've ever waited more than about 10 minutes for a response to any question, no matter how hard.”

Julianna Satterly photo

Julianna Satterly

Co-founder of Manifest Solutions

Massive digital media

“It turned out to be one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made. It saves me a lot of money and time with custom workflows.”

Chris Lewis photo

Chris Lewis

President at Massive Property Group

Team management

Team collaboration & Productivity

Efficient team management is a crucial aspect of a real estate transaction management system as it empowers leaders to efficiently allocate resources, delegate tasks, and track progress, ultimately maximizing productivity and achieving successful real estate transactions.

  • See active deals and ongoing tasks of every manager.
  • Collaborate with the team inside the system: add notes, tag colleagues, etc.
  • Automatically calculate agent’s commission from every deal.
  • Check dashboards to coach the team in real time.
Team collaboration & Productivity screen

Mobile app

Manage all your real estate transactions from mobile

From anywhere, at any time, you can efficiently manage and organize all your transaction-related tasks, documents, and deadlines.

  • Collaborate with clients, team members, and other stakeholders on-the-go. All the interactions will be reflected in a CRM.
  • Never worry about missing a deadline again. The mobile app keeps you on top of your tasks with reminders and timely notifications.
  • Link documents to relevant deals while being with mobile. Whether you need to review contracts or financial documents – it’s available at your fingertips.
Manage all your real estate transactions from mobile screen

Comprehensive Solution for Real Estate Professionals

Whether you're a broker, real estate team, or transaction coordinator, NetHunt CRM will help to seamlessly manage large volumes of transactions in real estate.

For Brokers

Gain visibility into your brokerage and increase agent productivity by automating workflows.

  • Oversee transactions.
  • Reminders and tasks.
  • Automate repetitive emails.
  • Manage contacts effectively and retain top agents.
  • Report on performance, calculate commissions.

For real estate agents

Empower your entire real estate team to stay on schedules and organizational efficiency.

  • See the entire picture of every transaction.
  • Set up timely notifications for team.
  • Create transaction templates.
  • Give agents access to necessary data with permissions.
  • Mobile app to work on-the-go.

For transaction coordinators

Effortlessly manage transactions and enhance collaboration between all sides of the project.

  • See all transactions in one place.
  • Keep transactions on schedule.
  • Organize documents for every transaction.
  • Send emails with merged fields.
Try NetHunt CRM, a versatile software for real estate transactions

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Send necessary and important transaction information to your other favorite tools with just a simple status change.

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Simplify your transaction management with comprehensive real estate CRM

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FAQs about our real estate transaction management software

What is a real estate transaction?

A real estate transaction refers to any activity or process associated with the buying or selling of a property or real estate. It includes various actions, such as preparing a property for sale, making and receiving offers, conducting property valuations and inspections, as well as drafting and executing the sales agreement.

A real estate transaction refers to the comprehensive process of a seller listing their home for sale and a buyer agreeing to purchase that property. The steps involved in purchasing a house can vary depending on the type of transaction and state regulations. Prior to the closing and transfer of property title to the buyer, a series of crucial activities and tasks must be diligently completed within designated timelines.

What are the benefits of a transaction management system for real estate?

A transaction management system offers numerous benefits for real estate agents, brokers, and transaction coordinators. It automates and standardises workflows processes, which enhances productivity and saves time. Agents can efficiently manage and track transaction-related tasks, ensuring everything meets deadlines. Brokers benefit from centralized document management, enabling easy access and organization of associated files. Transaction coordinators can effectively oversee multiple transactions, keeping everyone on track and ensuring compliance. The system facilitates seamless collaboration among all parties involved.

The system allows for the creation and assignment of tasks, ensuring that everyone involved knows their responsibilities and deadlines. It provides a centralized view of tasks, enabling efficient task management and completion tracking.

When a particular task is completed, the system can automatically trigger the transfer of the deal to the next party involved. This automated workflow ensures a seamless progression of the transaction, eliminating delays and improving efficiency.

The system often includes a communication feature that allows users to mention or tag specific individuals within the system. This functionality facilitates collaboration by enabling discussions, clarifications, and updates on specific tasks or documents, all within the system itself.

What is NetHunt CRM?

NetHunt CRM is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system designed to streamline real estate transaction management. It serves as a comprehensive solution for real estate professionals, offering features like contact management, deal tracking, task automation, and communication integration.

With its seamless integration with Gmail and other tools, NetHunt CRM allows real estate agents, brokers, and transaction coordinators to efficiently manage their contacts, track leads, automate workflows, and collaborate with team members. It provides a centralized platform for organizing transaction-related documents, ensuring compliance with deadlines, and enhancing client satisfaction. NetHunt CRM meets the unique needs of real estate transaction management, making it a valuable tool in the industry.

Is it difficult to start with NetHunt CRM?

Starting with NetHunt CRM is not difficult, especially if you are familiar with the Google Workspace ecosystem. NetHunt CRM seamlessly integrates with Gmail and other Google Workspace apps, leveraging their interface and functionalities. This familiarity reduces the learning curve significantly, allowing you to quickly adapt to the CRM system. NetHunt offers user-friendly features, intuitive navigation, and comprehensive documentation, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience. With its native integration with Gmail, NetHunt CRM makes it easy to manage contacts, track leads, and automate tasks within the familiar environment you already know.

What types of real estate companies benefit from using NetHunt CRM?

NetHunt CRM caters to a wide range of real estate professionals and organizations. It is an ideal solution for brokers and brokerages, real estate teams, and independent transaction coordinators. Whether you are part of a boutique brokerage with a small team of less than 10 agents or a large office with over 1,000 agents, NetHunt CRM can accommodate your needs.

NetHunt CRM offers versatility and scalability to meet the requirements of various real estate companies.

Can I integrate NetHunt CRM with my other tools to manage real estate business?

Absolutely! NetHunt CRM offers seamless integrations with a wide range of tools commonly used by real estate professionals. It already integrates with Gmail, enabling you to easily send email campaigns. Additionally, it integrates with popular messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, allowing you to generate leads and communicate with clients. Furthermore, you can connect telephony services to streamline your communication. If there are specific tools that NetHunt CRM doesn't currently integrate with, you can utilize Zapier to connect them and create a customized, comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

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