What’s New at NetHunt:
Integrations with WhatsApp and Instagram, custom domains, and more

Hosted by <b>Anastasia Tatsenko</b>,<br>Chief Customer Officer, NetHunt CRM

Hosted by Anastasia Tatsenko,
Chief Customer Officer, NetHunt CRM

Watch the webinar as we unveil a range of exciting updates of NetHunt CRM.

With recently added functionality you can effortlessly connect and engage with your customers across multiple platforms, improve your email deliverability, and enhance workflow capabilities with the ability to work with related records seamlessly.

Watch the webinar on NetHunt's integration with WhatsApp and Instagram to learn how to streamline customer communication and improve your business's bottom line.

  • checkmarkHow to set up the NetHunt CRM integration with messengers.
  • checkmarkFunctionality of integration with WhatsApp, Instagram, and Telegram.
  • checkmarkCustom domains for better emails deliverability.
  • checkmarkAbility to work with related records in workflows.
  • checkmarkNew statistical field - Last calendar event date.
  • checkmarkLive Q&A session with our expert team to answer all your questions.

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