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5 Steps to More Effective LinkedIn Lead Generation

LinkedIn is literally a goldmine for leads. It started off as a simple, but professional, social network. But since then it has really morphed into the perfect place to develop a brand, find new opportunities, and really drive results.

It’s fair to say that people on LinkedIn are expecting to be reached out to, and that’s what makes it the perfect place to develop a strong database of leads.

Hosted by Anastasia Tatsenko,
Head of Sales and Customer Success
at NetHunt CRM

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About the Webinar

Lead generation has always been and continues to be a challenge for any sales people out there.

The biggest pain point is that it can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, especially if your product or service is super niche and your buyer-persona is uber-specific. Secondly, it takes time to sift through all those people to try and find somebody relevant for your business. Finally, you can find the person you think is the perfect client for your business, but they just end up saying no.

Lead generation hurts, but it’s worth it if it’s done right. And LinkedIn is exactly the place to go if you want to do lead generation right.

In this 30 minute live webinar you'll learn:

How to build the perfect profile that oozes professionality and credibility.
Where to search for leads on LinkedIn.
How to reach out via LinkedIn effectively.
How to nurture your LinkedIn leads and win deals.
Where and how to store your newly generated leads and contacts.

Discover all the bits that you need to
start generating leads on LinkedIn.

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