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How to import data to NetHunt CRM

Hosted by <b>Anastasia Tatsenko</b>, Head of Customer Success at NetHunt CRM

Hosted by Anastasia Tatsenko, Head of Customer Success at NetHunt CRM

Hosted by <b>Anna Zhmakina</b>,<br>Senior Customer Success at NetHunt CRM

Hosted by Anna Zhmakina,
Senior Customer Success at NetHunt CRM

Today, salespeople widely adopt the multichannel approach to lead generation, so new opportunities come from different sources. It's essential to maintain the integrity of the data and add all opportunities into the CRM. The quality of data import determines its reliability.

This is why we're hosting a monthly Q&A event to answer your questions about importing data to NetHunt CRM. Helping you to keep your data clean and comprehensive is our top priority.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • checkmarkKey things to remember while preparing customer data files for import to the CRM.
  • checkmarkReasonable CRM field formats.
  • checkmarkHow to map data points in NetHunt CRM.
  • checkmarkHow to detect duplicates and how to handle them.
  • checkmarkHow to deal with the mismatched data after import.
  • checkmarkAny other questions you have about NetHunt CRM features.

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