How to structure and customise CRM
to fit around your business

Hosted by <b>Anna Zhmakina</b>,<br>Senior Customer Success at NetHunt CRM

Hosted by Anna Zhmakina,
Senior Customer Success at NetHunt CRM

Hosted by <b>Anastasia Tatsenko</b>,<br>Head of Customer Success at NetHunt CRM

Hosted by Anastasia Tatsenko,
Head of Customer Success at NetHunt CRM

We're hosting a monthly Q&A live stream event to answer your questions about how to use NetHunt CRM efficiently. This time, we’ll touch on how to structure your CRM workspace and customize folders to fit around your business.

Join us for an informal chat to find out:

  • checkmarkHow to structure your business data the way it makes sense (folders, fields etc);
  • checkmarkWhich NetHunt CRM Dashboard and widgets you should add for a quick overview of current business performance;
  • checkmarkHow to customize your NetHunt CRM: modify workspace for your business to achieve a high level of usability and data relevancy;
  • checkmarkWhat is data enrichment, why is it important, and how to use it in NetHunt CRM;
  • checkmarkIntroduction to custom views in NetHunt CRM and essential views to track sales and marketing performance.

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