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Templates of Sales Follow-Up Email Sequences

Boost the performance of your emails with follow-ups

We know how exhausting it can be sending emails and getting no replies, sending your second and third follow up emails… only for your prospect to not text back. Check out the entire sequences with sales follow up email templates to nurture leads and finally get that answer.


What’s inside?

  • 5 follow-up email strategies

    It’s impossible to create a one-size-fits-all follow-up sequence. Every situation is different. We created 5 one-size-fits-most follow-up strategies so that you always have something to say in your next email.

  • Follow-up email templates

    We have ready-made templates to start with for those of you battling the blank page anxiety. You have to find the sequence that matches your situation and adjust the follow-up template to fit your specific needs.

  • Lots of inspiration

    You shouldn’t simply copy and paste every template from the guide. Your audience uses unique language and your product has unique benefits. Get inspired by the templates and create your very own perfect copies.

Book pages

Follow-up is the key to successful outreach

If you wonder whether or not you should send that follow-up email or not... Send a sequence thereof! Half of the sales happen after the 5 follow-up, so don't miss out on a sales opportunity.

Recipients inboxes are overcrowded icon

Recipients inboxes are overcrowded

Can you just imagine how many emails decision-makers receive daily? We know the answer — around 140 emails land into an average office worker’s inbox every day. With volumes like this, it’s very difficult to pay attention to every single email. A follow-up increases your message’s chances of getting noticed.

Remind people to take an action icon

Remind people to take an action

Even if your email was opened, people are busy with their own tasks and challenges. Even when interested in your offer, they could simply forget to answer or book a call with you. Why not remind them to take the action with a follow-up?

Understand whether you target the right people icon

Understand whether you target the right people

We don’t always reach out to the right crowd. Sometimes, your message isn’t relevant to the recipient, so they choose to unsubscribe from your mailing list or ask to never be contacted again. Follow-ups give you a chance to figure it out and review your targeting activities.

Double the value icon

Double the value

No matter how much information you stuff into every email, there’s only so much you can say in a single message. Each subsequent follow-up is your chance to bring more value to the email recipient and get them acquainted with the benefits of your product.

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