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How to Support Community of Product Managers with NetHunt CRM

Being a product manager involves discovering valuable, useful, and feasible products to develop for a company to sell. You might not know it, but being a product manager can also mean loneliness and a lot of hard graft. The founders of Mind the Product recognised this, being product managers themselves. In 2010, they set up ProductTank, a meetup for product managers from each corner of the World to come together, network with their peers, and share ideas with each other.
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The challenge

Normally, we’d tell you a success story about how our partners use our system to build glittering pipelines, automate hefty workflows, and churn out sexy email campaigns to drive revenue and make money. Not today. ProductTank uses NetHunt to control the growth of a community organisation across every continent of the World… well, except Antarctica.

“Finding a CRM was challenging, considering it is normally built for sales.”

The solution

Jase Clamp, who coordinates Asia Pacific ProductTanks, chose NetHunt CRM for two reasons. First, because it offered him and his team the flexibility they needed to operate outside of the normal CRM realm of sales. They didn’t want ‘company’ records, nor did they need ‘customer’ profiles. Instead, they operate out of ‘city’ records and ‘organiser’ profiles. Secondly, he needed something that was easy to implement. He didn’t want to stray too far from the systems he was using, namely Gmail and Google Sheets, and so a CRM for Gmail was the logical step to take.

“Being a full Gmail integration CRM is a huge plus; much better than a small sidebar integration.”

The truth is that Jase and his colleagues don’t use NetHunt CRM to its full extent. They don’t need to. The flow of their information is amazingly simple. The impressive thing is the sheer scale of how they execute it. They integrate two systems with NetHunt through Zapier, MailChimp and their own website. The website integration takes information in and becomes accessible to the relevant city coordinator, and the MailChimp integration sends information out to product managers who want to get involved in a ProductTank meet.

Sure, they use our reporting features to gauge the length of their onboarding process and they’ve fiddled with tasks before realising that they didn’t need them. In the end, NetHunt works for ProductTank because of three things: it’s easy, it’s customisable, and there’s a lot of support.

Shoutout to Jase and the ProductTank team for two things. The first, is for bringing everybody across the world a little bit closer with cool, free events. The second is for teaching us a valuable lesson about our own system. Less is more.

I don’t know you or your business, but I can guess that you don’t need a juggernaut CRM system with big clunky servers steamrolling all your existing processes. You need something small, but powerful; something that is easily customisable for your workflows and integrates with your systems. You need something that scales to the size of your business.

You need NetHunt. Book a free trial today!

The top three most amazing things about NetHunt, flexible, native in gmail, the customer support is incredible
Jase Clamp

Jase Clamp

Co-ordinator at ProductTank

Abenteuerreisen’s favourite things about NetHunt

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