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KEP Consult is a reseller company that helps businesses find the best solutions for their sustainable growth. The team works with the solution providers from telecom, energy, software, hardware industries, and provides consulting services to all types of businesses regardless of their size.




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Oliver Keplinger, Managing Director

“NetHunt is for me the only possible CRM which you can choose if you use GSuite / GMail, because it’s the only one which is really fully integrated and works. The support is perfect, hard to find somewhere a better one. It’s affordable for the small company as well as for the big ones. It helped us very much in the daily business, to track sales, to link all important information / emails to one client, so it’s very easy for us to do our work. The big benefit is that we can work with our base of clients and do a cross- / upselling; and not always we have to only get new clients, it helps to keep clients in service and for a long time.”

The story


When KEP Consult closes a deal with a customer, the team signs up a partnership agreement for the next few years. Once the contract expires, KEP Consult team has to resign the agreement and extend partnership or start a new one. For this, sales reps need to bring to the surface client’s profile, including job switches, contact information, as well as the most important details of previous communication. Therefore, a properly maintained customer database is crucial for KEP Consult as it defines the company's success.

At first, the team was using Excel for managing a customer database. However, spreadsheets proved their inefficiency very soon. This is why KEP Consult started to look for a CRM that will help them:


NetHunt was not the first CRM that KEP Consult team has hired. However, it was the first to offer 100% integration with Gmail and other G Suite apps. Flexible CRM structure allowed to add as many fields to customer records as the team needed to store in client profiles. Client details were always at fingertips when team members needed them most — for example when crafting their emails, creating Calendar events or having Hangouts calls. This info availability provided the context to any customer activity immediately.

On top of that, all the paperwork was linked to client profiles while safely stored in Google Drive.

The main processes built up

Today, KEP Consult team are active users of NetHunt views that help them monitor important statistics and performance metrics. Here are some of the questions they can always answer: who among their sales managers performs best, which products bring in the most revenue, what are the company’s bestsellers.

Additionally, with the help of NetHunt, KEP Consult team is able to forecast their sales. For this, they use p ipeline data and opportunities created in the CRM. Sales forecasting can be applied towards the whole team or one sales rep, or broken down per various time periods, per product, and more.

To reach out to their potential leads, the team has started creating email campaigns. The first email campaigns worked extremely well, and KEP Consult is now going to use bulk email campaigns in their prospecting activities on a regular basis.

The most loved NetHunt CRM features

Customer database

Lead capturing

Gmail integration

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