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How to move from spreadsheets to CRM

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Toiora NZ

Harnessing NetHunt as a force for change

Toiora NZ is an education development company aimed at offering New Zealand’s high risk youth a step on the career ladder. It’s an online portal where 16 to 24 year old community members can create their own personal profile and earn points based on engagement and activities they complete with the programme. They can then trade those points for real, tangible rewards. Jonty Fernandez sat down with our customer success queen, Anastasia Tatsenko, to explain why NetHunt was the best CRM choice for his noble cause.

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Whakatane, New Zealand

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Company Size

6 people

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NetHunt users

6 people

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Customer since

March, 2020

The challenge

Jonty is a humanitarian, a globetrotter, and a self-confessed data buff. He has travelled around the world, worked in different industries, and been privy to the technology in those industries. After first meeting CRM when he was 25, and after implementing systems such as HubSpot, Salesforce, and Base across different roles, he realised he needed something different for his latest venture.

That’s where NetHunt came in. Except, he decided not to use it as the Customer Relationship Management system that we all know and love, but rather dubbed it a “Customer Knowledge Management” system. NetHunt CKM became the place where his team could learn more about their customers and improve the choices that they make for them. Once Jonty starts waxing lyrical about his Customer Knowledge Management system, it’s difficult to stop him.

“We needed a learner management system where coaches could learn more about their clients, so then we could improve the choices that we make. What we do isn’t based around buyer decisions; what we do is based around life decisions.”

The solution

First of all, what he has built using NetHunt’s capacity for customisation is nothing short of incredible. He is particularly proud of the dozens upon dozens of fields he has added to the Toiora NZ client profiles… and he still wants to add more. These fields form the basis of a questionnaire used to onboard new programme users, helping them build a comprehensive profile of each user before they can make informed, career decisions on an individual basis. This means that their users always get what’s best for them.

Similarly, the reporting functions that NetHunt offers give their small team the opportunity to automate insightful, error-free reports, export them, and then create comprehensive, easy-to-read graphics with which they can celebrate their wins, address their losses, and give more accountability to their coaches. Most importantly, they send these reports to New Zealand lawmakers, who can then, in turn, use them to shape progressive, national New Zealander policies.

“I challenge you to find me another company in the world that is doing what we are doing right now. Extract information, use information. The ability to do this so easily has helped us leapfrog all our competition.”

Having only been a NetHunt user since March 2020, Jonty is yet to use all of the system’s ever-expanding functionality. Still, he seemed surprised with how easily he has been able to implement the system and roll it out across his small team who have had little-to-no previous CRM experience. Well, Jonty… that’s probably because it’s a Gmail CRM.

So in conclusion, our users love us. But we’re allowed to say that; we’ve got the badges to prove it. In return, we’re proud of our users, when they blow our minds time and again proving how they can bend and adapt our own system, in ways we couldn’t even begin to imagine, to fit their exact business needs. We’re especially proud to know that our system is being used as a force for hope in the world.

So to Jonty and the Toiora NZ team, keep fighting the good fight. Furthermore, next time you’re cooking something up in our system, don’t forget to let us know.

The devs are always looking for inspiration.

If your business is knowing a lot about people, this is the system for you.
Jonty Fernandez

Jonty Fernandez

Director - Coaching and Development

Toiora NZ’s favourite things about NetHunt

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