NetHunt — a simple, yet powerful CRM for Small Business

NetHunt - a simple, yet powerful CRM for Small Business

Provide an outstanding customer experience with a powerful CRM integrated into your Gmail account.
Budget-friendly. No CRM experts needed to start.

No credit card required.
Cancel anytime.

Questions frequently asked by startups

What is a perfect CRM for startups?

What is a perfect CRM for startups?

CRM for small business doesn’t need to be complex or expensive to be effective. But we believe it should always complement your work and help you accomplish your goals. At NetHunt CRM this is what we’re all about. Leave complex, bulky CRMs to your competitors — we built NetHunt to help your business grow without spending huge budgets, without hiring CRM expert team, and without spending months on trying to work a system that simply doesn’t work for you.

Why should small businesses use a CRM?

Why should small businesses use a CRM?

In a growing business, there’s always a point when you realize — whatever you’ve been using to keep track of 100 or 400 clients doesn’t work when there are thousands of them. And when your business starts taking off faster than spreadsheets can handle, it’s time to move to CRM. Why?

  • For you to be able to focus on opportunities;
  • For your team to be able to focus on customer relations;
  • To align your sales and marketing reams;
  • For the whole business to be able to grow bigger!

If chosen and set up correctly, CRM is a great help allowing you get rid of routine manual tasks, organize and prioritize customer data, automate every bit of the sales process that can be outsourced to the software.

What tasks CRM will be able to take off the plate for startup teams?

What tasks CRM will be able to take off the plate for startup teams?

  • 360-degree customer overview
    Easily capture and see all the client- or deal-related details. Important information should be always available and up-to-date, providing you with a valuable context when you need it the most.
  • Automate daily routine
    From email logging to follow-ups, automate every bit of your routine sales tasks.
  • Get valuable insights
    Filter, sort, and save your customer and sales data in any report you need. Get quick and smart answers to the productivity questions like: How many deals are we about to close? How many leads weren't processed? What are my priority tasks for today?

  • Send bulk email campaigns
    Personalize your email campaigns with client details and reach out to thousands of customers in a few minutes. Gain insights into email performance with open and click tracking.
  • Manage sales team effectively
    Add your team members in a few clicks, assign your team different roles, and manage data privacy.
  • Work where you do
    Integrate with the tools you use the most, e.g. Gmail, G Suite apps, web forms, etc. Use the mobile app to access and edit customer data on the go.

How to choose the best CRM software for small business?

How to choose the best CRM software for small business?

The first question you have to ask yourself before choosing а CRM system is what you would like to achieve with its implementation. It is best to focus on the problems that your startup is facing at the moment and identify must-have features.

There’s a whole guide that we’ve combined on how to find a perfect CRM system for small business — feel free to download it here.

Try NetHunt CRM for Gmail

No credit card required. Start your 14-day free trial today.


What happens at the end of my trial?

After a 14-day free trial, you will need to pick up one of the available subscription plans (Professional, Professional Plus, Enterprise). After the trial expires, your data is kept safe. However, your workspace will be locked until you choose one of the subscription plans.

Can we try NetHunt with multiple users?

Sure! The 14-day free trial period has no limitations: you can test all the features available in NetHunt and invite unlimited users to your workspace.

What does the renewal process look like?

There are two subscription types: monthly and annual. Check the article on how the pricing works in NetHunt here.

How do I upgrade or downgrade?

Check this article on how to upgrade/downgrade your plan.

We’re a non-profit organization, is there special pricing available?

Yes! There is a 25% discount for the non-profits. To apply, email us at

What payment methods do you accept?

You can use your credit or debit card to subscribe for a plan.

Is there any free plan available?

After a thorough selection process, we can provide a free plan for up to 6 months for early-stage startups. To apply, please fill out the form.

What if I add or remove a user from my workspace in the middle of the month?

NetHunt has fair billing policy, which means we don’t charge users extra. That’s why if you add or remove users in the middle of the month, we’ll only charge you for the time they had access to the system.

Does NetHunt issue refunds?

NetHunt does not issue refunds. You can cancel at any time, but you will not receive a refund for any unused portion of your subscription.

CRM for Gmail that you’ll love


Data Import

Sign up and start using NetHunt CRM in no time. Switching from another CRM is super-easy — it takes minutes to move your data to NetHunt.


Email logging and sharing

Link emails in Gmail to companies, contacts, deals, and support cases in NetHunt CRM to make them visible for your colleagues.


Integration with Google apps

Upload and link any file to your CRM records and make them accessible by the entire team.


One-click leads capture

Convert new email inquiries into leads in just one click. First name, last name and email will be filled in automatically.


Extensive customization

Adjust every CRM aspect: from folders and permissions to client cards and pipelines — it’s quick and simple!

Data quality

Duplicates management

Keep your data clean and structured with data management functionality — records merge, bulk update, and duplicates management.


Email templates

Create templates to use in email campaigns, as well as in the standard emails. Keep them private or share with the team.



Ping your colleagues when you need their help or want to keep them up-to-date on the deal or opportunity.


Sales Cycle Management

Structure your sales cycle, define sales stages and create reports to forecast sales, find potential problem areas, and monitor your team’s productivity.

Data quality

Customer data management in Gmail

Easily capture and see all the important details next to the conversation with a client. Essential information is always available and up-to-date, featuring valuable context when you need it the most.


Lead tracking software

Keep an eye on all emails that you sent and monitor the sales pipeline to never miss an opportunity or a lead. Set reminders and follow-ups.


Google contacts sync

Use the two-way synchronization between NetHunt CRM and your Google Contacts to keep all the details updated and available to you any time.

Plan Features
Professional Plus
Gmail Chrome Extension

Access your CRM from inside Gmail with a special browser extension. There's also an extension available to Safari and Firefox users.

Google Calendar
Google Drive
Google Hangouts Chat
Google Contacts Sync
Daily sync
Daily sync
Hourly sync
NetHunt Web App

Get full access to your CRM data without opening Gmail.

Contact Management
Deals & Opportunities Management
Multiple Pipelines

Customize existing pipelines and create new ones to get valuable insights into your sales process.

Saved Filters and Views

Save as many views as you need and share them with your team.

Data Import & Export
Call Logs & Meeting Notes
Custom Fields
Custom Folders
Custom Filters & Views

Filter, sort, and save your data in any way you need right in your inbox.

Automated Email Logging

Automatically link your emails to the related contacts, companies, and deals.

One-Click Leads Capture
Workflow Automation (coming soon)
10 automations
100 automations
Email Open Tracking
Email Link Tracking
Tasks and Reminders
Bulk Update

Update multiple records' fields: stage, status, priority, manager.

Duplicates management

Get rid of duplicates by merging several contacts, companies, or deals.

Mobile Access

Use the CRM on the go with iOS and Android applications.

Team Performance Reports
Sales Performance Reports
Email Campaigns
Bulk Email Campaigns
Email Personalization
Shared Email Templates
10 templates
25 templates
Personal Email Templates
HTML Templates Import
Advanced Campaign Analytics

Gain smart insights into the email performance with open, click, reply, and bounce rates.

NetHunt SMTP server

Break Gmail's sending limits and send large email campaigns.

Additional fees
Additional fees
Additional fees
Permissions & Visibility Settings
Custom Roles

Assign your teammates different roles to manage their permissions in the CRM.

5 custom roles
5 custom roles
Required fields
LinkedIn Integration
Data Studio Integration
Zapier Integration
API Access
Self-Service Support

Get access to NetHunt Knowledge Base to learn more about the system and find out the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Online Support
Phone Support
Onboarding Assistance
Customer Success Manager
Custom Development

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