Looking for a CRM integrated with WhatsApp? Discover our pick of WhatsApp CRMs that fits your business!

Messenger-based selling is rapidly becoming a vital channel for businesses to connect with customers, making WhatsApp CRM integration essential for personalized and effective communication. With various CRM systems offering different levels of integration, companies must select the best WhatsApp CRM for streamlined and efficient customer interaction.

Key takeaways:

  • WhatsApp is a popular messaging application that’s growing an ever-bigger presence in the sales world. Customers are 65% more confident messaging a business than emailing it.
  • A CRM integrated with WhatsApp lets you communicate with customers via their preferred channel. Here's how NetHunt's customer benefited from WhatsApp integration.
  • A WhatsApp CRM such as NetHunt CRM (one of the best CRMs for WhatsApp) allows you to factor WhatsApp communications into your more comprehensive communication strategy.

Comparing WhatsApp CRMs

We've preselected CRM systems that have integrations with WhatsApp, tried and tested them, and ready to showcase our feedback. How do these WhatsApp-integrated CRMs stack up against each other? Here’s the rundown:




NetHunt CRM

Comprehensive integration with WhatsApp. Users can manage chats, create customer records, send messages and receive them within the CRM. As of now, the platform only supports connecting personal/work accounts.

From $34/user/month

Zoho CRM

Basic WhatsApp integration and features. Has effective automated marketing funnels and internal communication. Doesn't support initiating conversations with new prospects and only works with contacts you have already reached out to via WhatsApp. Only connects to business accounts.

From $14/user/month


Integrates with WhatsApp for managing messages, automated customer engagement, and conversation tracking. However, it limits usage to one device per phone number, a drawback for larger sales teams.

From $20/user/month


Basic WhatsApp workflows, custom message buttons, automatic responses, and regular notifications. While excellent for customer support, it falls short in lead generation and outreach.

From $55/user/month


Efficient bulk messaging, a wide range of message templates, and seamless multi-channel communication.There are limitations with business account connections and occasional account connection issues.

From $24/user/month


Basic messaging features along with insights from Salesforce Genie and AI utilization for messaging. However,high price and complex add-ons make it less viable for small and medium businesses.

Salesforce pricing is confusing and opaque. Contact their sales department for a quote.

Sugar CRM

Outbound outreach, template consistency across channels, dynamic fields, and chat filters. The integration is facilitated by a third party which may be a deterrent for some businesses.

From $49/user/month

What are the benefits of using a CRM for WhatsApp?

Using CRM for WhatsApp unlocks a range of advantages. It can significantly boost your company's sales efficacy and elevate customer satisfaction levels due to the following reasons.

Faster response time

According to Lead Connect's research, 78% of customers tend to purchase from the brand that answers first. Using CRM for WhatsApp, your salespeople instantly get alerts to new messages, enabling them to respond more quickly than if they were to switch tabs or check their phone.

Higher engagement rates

Messages sent via WhatsApp typically achieve a 60% engagement rate, far exceeding the average 23.9% seen in traditional email communications. This indicates a more effective medium for engaging potential customers.

WhatsApp's appeal to younger audiences

Studies show that a significant portion of younger demographics prefer messaging over calling. Simple Texting reports that Generation Z favors direct text-based purchases, circumventing the complexities of mobile checkout processes.

Keeping up with customer expectations

Salesforce research shows that 71% of consumers now expect immediate and constant interaction with businesses. WhatsApp CRM integrations successfully meet this need. Connecting the best WhatsApp CRM can solve this problem.

Future-proofing your sales strategies

With as many as 82% of US consumers claiming messengers are their most used apps, it’s important for brands to use them to contact customers through a medium they prefer.

Cost-effective communication solution

Compared to other platforms like live chat or VoIP, WhatsApp offers a more budget-friendly approach to engaging prospects.

Creating a relaxed and personalized dialogue

Communicating through WhatsApp fosters a more relaxed and personal atmosphere, meeting the desires of 69% of customers who seek personalized engagement with brands.

Keeping up with competitors

Adopting WhatsApp in sales is gaining traction. With 55% of consumers already engaging with business texts, having the best WhatsApp business CRM can not only match, but surpass competitor efforts to secure a leading market position.

The list of top 7 best WhatsApp CRMs for business

Now, if you’re looking for a tool that can help you connect WhatsApp with CRM, you’re in luck. Let’s go over the list of hand picked and evaluated CRMs that integrate with WhatsApp.

NetHunt CRM

NetHunt CRM integration with WhatsApp
NetHunt CRM integration with WhatsApp

NetHunt CRM’s WhatsApp integration is everything you need to connect messenger-based selling with your sales strategy.

With this implementation, you can now do the following right from your CRM:

  • Never miss a single WhatsApp message
    Connecting WhatsApp to NetHunt CRM through the integration means you can access all your messages from the Chats tab of the CRM. You’ll never miss a message again.
  • Create customer records in NetHunt CRM from WhatsApp chats in seconds
    Forget about wasting time transferring customer information from the app to your CRM. Click a button, and you’ve created a record!
  • Store all messages in one place
    WhatsApp communication between you, leads, and customers is saved to their customer records in NetHunt CRM. You can always go back and read all the messages to refresh your memory, find the details, and prepare for effective meetings.
  • Respond to WhatsApp messages right from the customer card
    Reply to all the messages with comfort, either from the Chats tab or the customer’s record in NetHunt CRM.
  • Share communication history with your team
    Make your chat logs available to your team, fostering collaboration towards shared goals. You may also limit the visibility of chats with the privacy settings.

Try NetHunt CRM with WhatsApp integration


NetHunt CRM for WhatsApp is packed with amazing features, but there is one thing it doesn’t let you do. Due to the limited infrastructure of the WhatsApp Business app, the NetHunt CRM doesn’t allow users to connect their business account to the CRM. This means you’ll need to connect your personal accounts to NetHunt CRM, rather than message people from a business account under your business name. This means that your prospects will be seeing “John Smith” in their messages, rather than “NetHunt CRM”.

NetHunt CRM is one of the best CRM for WhatsApp on the market. This is due to an unmatched centralisation of all business communications in a robust, easy-to-use, and powerful environment.

Why wait any longer? Start NetHunt CRM’s free 14-day trial now, and integrate WhatsApp into your sales strategy before the sales industry has a chance to adapt!

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM, a titan of the CRM industry, was one of the first to implement CRM for WhatsApp. Their integration has all the basics you’d expect from a WhatsApp business CRM.

There are a few features that stand out.

  • Create automated marketing funnels through WhatsApp
    Zoho CRM doesn’t just automate emails. This integration allows you to create and launch marketing automations within your Zoho workspace too.
  • Improve internal communication
    Zoho’s WhatsApp CRM can also turn your WhatsApp into a powerful tool for communicating between departments within your company. With this integration, your teams can message each other through WhatsApp, create group chats, and more right from the comfort of Zoho.


Zoho WhatsApp CRM is definitely something to consider, but some users point out that this WhatsApp CRM integration doesn’t allow you to initiate conversations with prospects, and only works for clients that you have previously manually reached out to through WhatsApp. If you’re looking to incorporate a WhatsApp CRM integration into your prospecting routine, you’re out of luck with Zoho CRM.

Zoho WhatsApp CRM is quite the opposite of NetHunt CRM. It only allows you to connect your business account to the WhatsApp integration. This means that if you’re looking for that added personal touch of messaging your prospects from a profile with a face and a name — you’re out of luck.


HubSpot is another huge player in the CRM game. Of course, it is one of the best CRM for WhatsApp available to users. The HubSpot WhatsApp CRM integration allows its users to do the following:

  • Manage all your WhatsApp messages from a shared inbox
    Message your customers right from the comfort of your CRM tab and inbox; communication becomes significantly easier.
  • Target customers with automated messages to keep them engaged and informed
    Keeping in touch is easy with HubSpot’s automation feature able to work with its WhatsApp CRM integration.
  • View all WhatsApp conversations
    Keeping track of all your conversations is easy. Just open HubSpot’s inbox and take a look for yourself.


HubSpot prohibits more than one device per phone number, and that’s regardless of which plan you pay for. This might cause issues in larger sales teams, where multiple sales representatives need to use the same account at the same time.


Zendesk WhatsApp CRM is a welcome addition to their already existing suite of integrations with Meta apps. This WhatsApp CRM allows users to:

  • Create basic WhatsApp workflows
    You can add WhatsApp to automated workflows to spice up customer communications.
  • Add custom buttons to your messages
    Control where your customer goes after they read a message. Add buttons with custom UTMs tracking.
  • Generate automatic responses
    When your customers message you, reassure them they’re heard without lifting a finger.
  • Get regular notifications
    Always stay on top of who said what and when. With this Zendesk CRM WhatsApp integration, you’re always on top of your conversations with prospects and have a communication history available at the click of a button.


The Zendesk WhatsApp integration lacks in the lead generation and outreach departments. If you’re looking to implement this tool as a full-cycle sales suite for your WhatsApp CRM integration, you might want to consider other options like NetHunt CRM.


Odoo also boasts its own WhatsApp integration. It allows users to connect their WhatsApp accounts for a faster and smoother experience when communicating with customers. This integration allows you to:

  • Send bulk messages
    Create mass message campaigns to pre-selected customers, or set up an automation that automatically sorts which prospects get the bulk messages.
  • Use the library of templates for your messages
    Odoo comes with a variety of templates available for you to use the next time you reach out to prospects. If none fit, you can also make your own templates.
  • Seamless multi-channel communication
    Odoo’s “Discuss” feature works as a seamless bridge between email, phone, SMS, and WhatsApp communications. Your salespeople will find that using multiple channels at once with this feature is a breeze!


Odoo only allows you to connect your WhatsApp business account to the platform. Even then, account connection issues have been reported to arise, and the platform disconnects your account all on its own. For some users, this might be enough discomfort to consider other options.


Ah, Salesforce. The CRM your grandpa probably remembers using. Salesforce stayed with the times and features CRM WhatsApp integration available to users. That’s one cool grandpa for you. The Salesforce WhatsApp integration allows users to do all the basic things, like messaging customers, as well as:

  • Insights from Salesforce Genie at your fingertips
    Get actionable insights from the Salesforce Genie data management tool side-by-side with your WhatsApp CRM integration chats.
  • Utilize Salesforce’s AI in your messaging outreach
    AI fans, this one’s for you. You can utilize Salesforce’s AI to help communicate with your customers.


Salesforce is simply not the most viable option for small and medium businesses to use as a CRM in the first place. Its pricing is a beast in and of itself, meaning you might not even use the WhatsApp integration unless you connect countless add-ons and go through various pricing plans to the software.


SugarCRM is quite the newcomer in the CRM game. Still, it has one of the best CRM WhatsApp integrations available for users, making it at home in this list. Its WhatsApp integration comes with all the basics, as well as the following features:

  • Outbound outreach on WhatsApp
    SugarCRM allows you to reach out to your customers right from its WhatsApp integration screen, making it a more-than-viable option for prospecting sequences.
  • Use email templates as WhatsApp templates
    Why change format between apps when you can use the same templates across the board?
  • Create dynamic fields for your WhatsApp chats
    SugarCRM has a standout feature — you can connect your WhatsApp chats in the same way as any other communication channel.
  • Configure filters inside chats
    The SugarCRM allows users to filter how they want to view their WhatsApp conversations.


The WhatsApp SugarCRM is facilitated by Vertiy Infotech, a third-party partner of the CRM system. Using a third party to connect your CRM to WhatsApp is less than desirable for most businesses out there. It is definitely enough reason for some to avoid it like the plague. After all, giving your sensitive business data to a third party you didn’t explicitly sign up for is a sensitive topic in the modern data economy.

All CRM systems are different, and each serves different business needs and types. When looking for the best CRM WhatsApp integration, it’s important to remember that the choice is the one that best fits the specific processes into which you’re looking to implement WhatsApp. To that end, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM are competitive choices for enterprise-level businesses.

Most businesses will find that a WhatsApp CRM integration, such as NetHunt CRM’s, fits their business needs best — all at a comfortable price point.

The best way to go is to give the free trial a spin (for CRM systems that offer it), and see for yourself whether the offering fits what you are looking for.

Since you’re here already, start your 14-day free trial of NetHunt CRM right now!

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