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How to Build Sales Funnel Success in NetHunt CRM

EPOM is a powerful ad server platform for businesses to manage the advertisement of their products and services across different channels. Based in Kyiv, Ukraine, they offer effective and meaningful online advertising solutions to serve track and customise ads across all verticals. With the party preparations well underway to celebrate EPOM’s 10th birthday in 2021, Andrey Luilko and Sergey Schelkov can now tell their prospective customers that their ads hit 50,000,000,000 pairs of eyeballs every month.
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Kyiv, Ukraine

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Company Size

70 people

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NetHunt users

39 people

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Customer since

November, 2015

The challenge

Like any other small business, EPOM started with the bare essentials; a spreadsheet and enough fingers on one hand to count their customers. As their ideas caught on and their business became more sophisticated, they had more leads to qualify and needed the technology to maintain control. CRM was the next logical step. They chugged their way through an enterprise-level CRM system and couldn’t find the answers they needed. They needed something more flexible that could adapt to the rapid growth they were experiencing.

They needed a Gmail CRM; they needed NetHunt.

“Gmail CRM is so important, less complicated, and has more resources for data control.”
Sergey Schelkov -- Sales Executive.

The solution

NetHunt’s comprehensive pipeline management functionality has simplified their flow of incoming customers, giving the EPOM team full control of everything they do with their clients. Without leaving our sexy, sleek dashboard, the ever-growing sales team can see incoming leads straight off the bat, qualify them, reach out to them, and even follow-up with them. Magic.

NetHunt hosts both native and Zapier integrations; EPOM have integrated their own system into our CRM. When a registration happens, a notification pops up in the dashboard of the relevant team member. A triggered email is then sent out to that customer to welcome them as a user and tell them about the product; asking all the right questions along the way. That means there are no more nagging follow-ups and no more missed leads. The integration also means that all EPOM’s billing data goes straight into the system, and they can create comprehensive, trustworthy reports and forecasts for exactly what is going on in their business.

We get a clear picture of where and how we are losing opportunities in our funnel; where people are getting stuck”
Andrey Luilko - Head of Sales

Beyond pipeline management and automated workflows, the EPOM teams also take advantage of NetHunt’s superior segmentation capabilities. Their customers are split across different aspects, split again, and then split again if they need to have. Their different departments have access to the exact data they need, without having to interrupt somebody else’s workspace. Each segmented customer has their own data profile, filled with drop down and free-fill fields where necessary. Building effective working relationships with your customers is essential in this day and age. NetHunt CRM gives EPOM everything they need to achieve it.

For us at NetHunt, this is much more than just another customer success story. This is a brag, a shout out to the world, and an immense feeling of pride that our friends and compatriots at EPOM have come so far... even before we start talking about how our CRM system helped them along the way. We can’t wait to continue working with you in the future guys; let the good times keep coming.

Oh… and we’ll be waiting by the postbox for that invitation to the 10th anniversary celebration. We’ll bring the shashlik!

With EPOM, NetHunt is more than enough to meet the goals in our daily routine. It allows us to have a hand on the pulse of exactly what is happening in our leads’ worlds.
Sergey Schelkov

Sergey Schelkov

Sales Executive at EPOM

EPOM’s favourite things about NetHunt

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