NetHunt CRM integration with Intercom

We're excited to announce NetHunt CRM integration with Intercom. You are now able to add leads from Intercom to your CRM, add Intercom chats to your clients profiles, and see the most recent social conversations your team has had with your contacts and leads.

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Capture your Intercom leads in just one click!

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NetHunt’s Gmail CRM for sales and marketing teams now fits perfectly in your favorite messenger. With the NetHunt CRM for Intercom app, you can:

Keep all the conversation history in your CRM by automatically sending your Intercom chats to contacts in NetHunt CRM.

Create new leads with one click right from your Intercom chats and pull Intercom leads data.

View and manage all Intercom chats in NetHunt CRM, both linked and not linked.

Instantly synchronize chats and conversations with NetHunt CRM to get the most up-to-date picture on your leads and deals.

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