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The Ultimate Business Metrics Cheat Sheet

Keep an eye on the performance of your business

There simply isn’t a single set of metrics that would work for every business. They’re all unique and have different goals based on the business’s stage and ambitions. Nevertheless, there are basic metrics that really show how your business is doing. Monitor them regularly to ensure that your business is healthy and growing! We grouped business metrics by different aspects of your activities: sales, marketing, and customer satisfaction. Let’s get measured.


What’s inside?

  • 14 sales metrics to track

    What gets measured gets managed. We include a wide array of key sales metrics to choose the most important to you to track the effectiveness of your sales activities, sales team, understand trends, and make data-driven decisions.

  • 14 marketing metrics to calculate

    Look at the marketing data from different angles - from social media reach to ROI of campaigns. Oversee the metrics we offer to enhance brand trust, business impact and allocate marketing budgets wisely.

  • Key customer satisfaction metrics

    As with most things in business, the level of customer satisfaction can be measured. Check out customer satisfaction metrics to get insights if your customers are getting a positive experience and identify areas of improvement.

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