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Sales Automation Playbook

28 ready-made sales automation recipes to set up in CRM, with triggers and actions.

If you want to be considered a ‘high-growth’ company, focus on the things that matter - better client relationships and a deeper understanding of your audience. Sales automation is key to both, taking time away from routine tasks and giving it back to you.

Don’t know where to start? As always, we’ve got you covered.


What’s inside?

  • Sales automation use cases

    Examples of when it makes sense to automate routine jobs. Automate sales, marketing, and customer success processes along each stage of the sales pipeline.

  • Impact of automated process

    Explanation of the impact that each process will have on different aspects of your business, from taking the strain off your sales team’s shoulders to making more money.

  • Automated workflow sequences

    Over 30 automation sequences to set up within your CRM. Onboard and activate users, retain users and reduce customer churn, keep track of forecasted revenue, and more automatically!.

Book pages

Insight for everyone

Get rid of manual, routine tasks. Leave your sales team to do what they’re best at — selling and making money. Give them a chance to shine.

Business Owners/ CEOs icon

Business Owners/ CEOs

Grasp the fundamentals of sales automation and delegate the most time-consuming tasks to automated workflows. Improve quality of customer data, generate accurate sales forecasts, and increase productivity of your sales team with sales and marketing automation.

Sales Leaders icon

Sales Leaders

Sales automation eliminates repetitive tasks related to customer acqusition, sales pipelines management, and follow ups. It frees up time for building relations. Utilise a secret weapon in the battle to win more sales; read it, implement it, and save your time from trivialities. Sell more.

Customer Success Leaders icon

Customer Success Leaders

Sales automation isn’t just for acquiring and nurturing prospects; you can engage and retain existing customers, too. We’ve covered every aspect of the automated B2B customer experience. With automated workflows, you may prevent customer churn ensuring your customers are happy.

Marketing Leaders icon

Marketing Leaders

Combined with marketing automation, sales automation achieves extraordinary results. Find leads in the haystack with cleverly-automated marketing processes. Automating you marketing processes with a CRM, you track the entire customer journey from the first touch to the moment the deal is closed.

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