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How to Generate, Manage, and Nurture Leads with NetHunt

A very practical guide to how NetHunt CRM helps you manage and close leads

This playbook offers step-by-step instruction for generating, nurturing, and closing leads in NetHunt CRM alongside use cases, descriptive reasoning, and loads and loads of lovely templates for you to use.


What’s inside?

  • Lead generation strategies

    Lead generation is never easy. Still, a calculated approach to lead generation can fill the pipeline. In the book, we share lead generation tips for LinkedIn and web forms.

  • Data structure in NetHunt CRM

    If you want to gain real insight from data, it has to be relevant and reliable, with the proper structure. Check out data structure in NetHunt CRM and gain a bird's-eye view on your business health.

  • Lead management automated workflows

    We’ve put together a bunch of automated workflows for lead management to set up in a CRM system in five minutes. Why do tasks manually, when a system can do them for you?

  • Email and social media templates

    Having CRM to manage leads is nice. Having ready-to-use email and social media templates for potential clients is twice as nice. Download this book, get those templates!

Book pages

Insight for everyone

It doesn’t matter where you sit in the business pyramid, NetHunt CRM is jam-packed with features to simplify and effectuate a day working with leads. From the C-suite to marketing copywriters and sales reps, there’s something in this book for everybody.

Business Owners/ CEOs icon

Business Owners/ CEOs

Get ready to learn something new. CRM is a tool worth so much more than simply storing contacts and deals. CRM automatically streamlines and effectuates the process of generating sales opportunities, strengthening connections with prospects before building long-term relationships.

Sales managers icon

Sales managers

Lead generation and lead management is only effective when you know which channels are most fruitful for your pipeline and you know where your pipeline stagnates. The only way to get this information is through a CRM platform, like NetHunt CRM. Get the book to know how many leads enter the pipeline, conversion rates for different lead sources, and more.

Sales teams icon

Sales teams

NetHunt CRM offers a comprehensive set of features for sales reps to convert more leads with less effort. From lead generation to conversion, NetHunt CRM can automate the entire process, providing users with in-depth analysis of what’s working and what’s not. Get the most out of every sales opportunity with NetHunt CRM’s lead management functionality.

Marketing teams icon

Marketing teams

Marketing can only be considered effective and successful when leads are converting to sales. It’s almost impossible to convert marketing leads as sales opportunities without consistent lead nurturing. You need a CRM system to really work the leads. Qualify, engage, and nurture the most promising ones; measure ROI of every campaign.

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