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A Sizzling-Hot Guide to Cold Sales Emails

How to write cold emails that get opened

Traditionally, cold sales emails don't enjoy high open rates. The reason behind this is the fact that salespeople have no idea how to send them effectively. A couple of ingredients is enough to turn your cold emails into red-hot ones — you'll find all of them in our guide!


What’s inside?

  • 15 effective subject lines

    The subject line can either be the reason why your email recipients open it or ignore it. To win the battle, you need to craft subject lines that stand out in the inbox. Here you’ll find ready-made email subject lines and tips for creating one on your own.

  • 5 ideal structures of a cold email

    Even though the email body is the longest part of your cold sales email, every little detail counts. Each line needs to be informative and memorable. We give you five effective email structures proven to convert.

  • Cold email templates that convert

    We’ve gathered email templates that have proven to work. However, don’t be afraid to experiment. Be creative, A/B test, and find the formula for your best cold email that resonates with your audience.

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What you’ll learn after reading

Cold emailing can reap some impressive results; you just need to know how to do it.

Mistakes to avoid in cold emails icon

Mistakes to avoid in cold emails

Cold emails are like art, and it’s easy to fail. You don’t have a lot of chances to impress the prospect, so you better avoid the major mistakes associated with cold emailing. Poor personalization of an email, overly long and overdesigned emails, confusing CTAs, and many more mistakes are covered in the guide.

3 things to embed in a cold email icon

3 things to embed in a cold email

Wonder if you can embed an image or a video into your email? You absolutely can. You just need to follow the best practices with embedded media to ensure you still have high deliverability rates and low chances of getting into the spam folder. Our guide covers tips for including images, videos, and links to your cold email.

Questions to ask before hitting the send button icon

Questions to ask before hitting the send button

We’ve prepared a checklist of things you need to do before you send the emails. These steps will help you optimize your cold email to get a high chance of conversions. Once these best practices turn into a habit, you’ll enjoy positive results: increased open rates, engagement, and replies to your emails.

Importance of follow-up emails icon

Importance of follow-up emails

Even if you manage to compose a perfect cold email, you still might not get a response right after the first email is sent. Usually, a sale happens after five follow-up emails. You need to be persistent: each subsequent email doubles your chances to get at least noticed. Don’t give up easily and use our follow-up email strategies along with templates.

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