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How to Implement a CRM

Make transitioning to your new CRM simple

You’ve finally decided to make the right choice for your business and implement a CRM. But just choosing a CRM isn’t enough. It’s no magic pill: there’s still a complex implementation process ahead of you before you can fully leverage your new tool’s benefits.

This guide gives you everything you need to know to implement a CRM successfully and use its potential to the fullest.


What’s inside?

  • Benefits of integrating a CRM

    This guide will remind you of all the benefits a CRM brings to your business. Together with the numbers that back these benefits up, this will serve as a great reminder of why you bother with the implementation in the first place.

  • 9-step instructions on implementing a CRM

    From setting the right goals to onboarding your team and measuring the results, this guide contains an ultimate 9-step framework for implementing CRM software into your company. Actionable tips for nailing each step, as well as examples and templates, make this guide genuinely foolproof.

  • Metrics to measure the success of your CRM implementation

    Once you get everything done, how do you know you succeeded? This guide sheds light on all the metrics you can use to measure your success with implementing a CRM system. With 4 sets of metrics, you’ll identify exactly the steps to re-visit to ensure you get the best CRM experience possible.

Book pages

Implementing a CRM doesn’t have to be hard

We know you can’t wait to take advantage of the benefits of a CRM system, but you still need to implement it. With this guide, you’ll walk away with everything you need to streamline your CRM implementation process.

Set SMART CRM implementation goals icon

Set SMART CRM implementation goals

We’ll show you what to look for in your business to understand what you want to change with a CRM, and what factors to consider when setting your CRM goals. This guide also contains an explanation of what a SMART CRM implementation goal is, as well as provides you with examples.

Assemble a CRM team icon

Assemble a CRM team

In this guide, you’ll find out what roles you need to have on your CRM team and why a core CRM team is needed in the first place. Ensure that your CRM processes always run smoothly by knowing how human support of the system can increase the benefits you get from implementing a CRM.

Clean and migrate your data icon

Clean and migrate your data

This guide will tell you the most effective ways to clean your data and ensure that your CRM database is streamlined and easy to navigate once you migrate it. It will also tell you how to safely and efficiently migrate your data to the new tool, ensuring no data falls through the cracks during the transfer.

Measure the success of your CRM implementation icon

Measure the success of your CRM implementation

Implementing a CRM can be difficult if you’ve never done it before, and measuring your success with it – even more so. In this guide, we share 4 sets of metrics (sales, marketing, customer-related, and team-related) you can use to assess your CRM implementation. We’re somewhat experts when it comes to CRM systems, so these are the real deal.

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