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CRM for
SaaS Companies

Boost your SaaS business's revenue by attracting high-quality leads, nurturing them through meaningful relationships, and aligning your teams towards shared goals. Unlock the power of the best CRM for SaaS companies to achieve these objectives and take your business to new heights.

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SaaS businesses that grow with NetHunt CRM:

  • SaaS businesses that grow with NetHunt CRM:
  • SaaS businesses that grow with NetHunt CRM:
  • SaaS businesses that grow with NetHunt CRM:
  • SaaS businesses that grow with NetHunt CRM:

What is a SaaS CRM?

A SaaS CRM is a customer relationship management tool for companies that sell software as a service (technology). CRM SaaS solutions allow companies to generate more leads and build better customer relationships, leading to higher customer retention rates.

A sound SaaS CRM system comes with features like…

  • Lead generation and capture

  • Contact management

  • Sales pipeline visualisation

  • Automated workflows

  • Task management functionality

  • Sales and marketing alignment

  • Sales and team reporting

  • Email campaigns management

  • A high degree of customisation

  • Integrations with other tools from your tech stack

Why do SaaS companies need CRM software?

Without a SaaS CRM...

You don’t have enough leads

There’s lead scarcity, and it’s challenging to track prospects, resulting in missed opportunities for your SaaS company.

With a SaaS CRM...

You collect leads from any available channel

Your pipeline is filled with leads, already enriched with available data, and you see all the interactions with a lead.

Without a SaaS CRM...

Customer data is messed up

Duplicates, managers reaching out to the same leads, and a lack of clarity regarding the status of each lead. Navigating is ‘ouch’ to say the least.

With a SaaS CRM...

Customer data is clean and reliable

All data is uniform, duplicate-free, organised into the right folders, and so easy to find your cat could probably figure it out.

Without a SaaS CRM...

The sales cycle is long

Duplicates, managers reaching out to the same leads, and a lack of clarity regarding the status of each lead. Navigating is ‘ouch’ to say the least.

With a SaaS CRM...

A high-velocity pipeline

Your lead nurturing is automated, the sales cycle is significantly shorter, revenue is growing, and customers are moving through the pipeline steadily.

Without a SaaS CRM...

Customers are churning

Almost like the “R” in ARR that stands for “Recurring” is out of the question. Users sign up and leave as soon as your competitor's sales team reaches out with a warmer greeting.

With a SaaS CRM...

Customers are loyal to your business

Your customers are happy to be your customers, stay with your company, and refer their friends when they’re looking for a solution to their problems.

Experience enhanced lead generation, shorter sales cycle and better retention with NetHunt CRM

Why is NetHunt CRM the best CRM for SaaS companies?

Lead generation

Bring more customers to your business

Why should SaaS companies care?

Lead generation is a vital component of running a successful SaaS business. The greater the number of leads you have at the initial stage of your sales pipeline, the larger your pool of potential prospects becomes, increasing the likelihood of converting them into paying customers.

Sales opportunities can arise from various channels, including your website, phone calls, emails, and messaging platforms. It is crucial to capture and centralise all these inquiries in a single location, maintaining a comprehensive record of each touch point.

To capitalise on these opportunities and successfully close sales, it is vital for SaaS businesses to respond to new lead inquiries promptly and immediately initiate the nurturing process.

Lost leads, scattered information, missed opportunities — lead generation without a CRM is like navigating a labyrinth blindfolded. With NetHunt CRM, you can collect leads from various sources to ensure you have enough leads in your pipeline to work with. Capture leads automatically, and get enriched leads’ profiles with available data.

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Deal and contact management

Have a clearer view of the sales pipeline

Why should SaaS companies care?

It’s impossible for SaaS companies to grow their teams and scale their processes without an understanding of forecasted revenue. When all the information regarding each deal is scattered on different platforms, sales managers may unintentionally overlook crucial actions required to move the deal forward.

The sales pipeline is a snapshot of all available sales opportunities and the potential revenue volume expected within a specific period. Conducting regular pipeline review meetings is instrumental in boosting your current revenue, and these meetings are only feasible when supported by a well-structured pipeline within a CRM system.

With a CRM system, you’re directing your team’s attention where it’s most needed. Whether it's identifying low conversion rates from the presentation to the proposal stage or deals lingering longer than average in the negotiation stage, a CRM system provides valuable insights to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Keep customer information in one place, eliminating manual entry and endless Excel files. With NetHunt CRM, you can easily create custom pipelines that suit the unique stages of your sales cycle. This way, your team is on the same page, and every team member knows what's going on with every deal.

  • Sort deals by priority
  • Assign managers
  • Automate pipeline stages
  • Follow-up on time
  • Spot blocked leads
  • Build a custom pipeline view
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Sales automation

Reduce the sales cycle with automation

Why should SaaS companies care?

In the highly competitive SaaS industry, sales automation opens opportunities for scalability and growth. It allows businesses to handle larger volumes of leads, manage complex sales cycles, and adapt to evolving customer needs more effectively.

Some tasks are routine and don’t require any human input. With the automation functionality that a SaaS CRM would provide, these tasks can be handed off to an automated workflow, while your team can work on building strong customer relations.

With a SaaS CRM, the probability of human error also gets reduced drastically, as processes such as task assignment, lead distribution, and data capture become automated. In other words, a SaaS CRM ensures that your teams will always have the right leads assigned to them, with information as complete as is deemed necessary for their stage of the funnel, and that no task will be forgotten about throughout the process.

NetHunt CRM is the best CRM for SaaS companies due to its powerful sales automation engine. Automate repetitive tasks, freeing up your time for more revenue-generating activities. Build sequences to nurture leads, schedule follow-ups, and send reminders to the team to achieve higher conversion of SQLs.

  • Automate data entry: capture leads and get enriched CRM records with available data.
  • Distribute leads between managers: evenly or based on specific criteria.
  • Reply promptly to incoming leads with notifications for responsible managers.
  • Update the statuses of the deals when they move down the pipeline.
  • Assign tasks and get notifications to never forget about any lead.
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HURMA went worldwide and captured different markets with the help of NetHunt CRM screen

Customer Story

HURMA went worldwide and captured different markets with the help of NetHunt CRM

Do you aspire to replicate HURMA's success?

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Customer experience

Increase customer retention and loyalty

Why should SaaS companies care?

Customer retention holds significant importance for SaaS businesses due to several compelling reasons. Firstly, retaining existing customers is more cost-effective than acquiring new ones. Secondly, loyal customers provide a steady and predictable revenue stream. SaaS businesses rely on recurring subscriptions, and retaining customers ensures a consistent revenue flow, contributing to financial stability and growth.

Loyal customers can become brand advocates and recommend your product or service to others, facilitating growth through word-of-mouth. Moreover, existing customers tend to be more receptive to upsells, cross-sells, and additional features or upgrades offered by the SaaS business.

Thus, by focusing on customer satisfaction, proactive support, and continuously delivering value, businesses can grow a loyal customer base and reduce churn, ensuring stable revenue.

NetHunt is the best CRM for startup companies that offers all the functionality to ensure customer activation and loyalty. Welcome and onboard customers, remind them about important actions, spot their inactivity, and automatically schedule assessment calls to ensure they meet initial expectations with your product or service.

  • Know everything about your client: challenges, content they prefer, features they use to offer what they need.
  • Identify opportunities for upselling or plan upgrades.
  • Be in front of clients: send personalised emails, let them know about product updates, celebrate milestones, etc.
  • Keep constant communication to ensure customer satisfaction and minimise the risk of churn.
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Reports & Dashboards

Make data-driven decisions with real-time reports

Why should SaaS companies care?

Reporting allows SaaS businesses to assess their performance accurately. Without analysing specific metrics, businesses would be unable to identify their areas of strength and weakness, make data-backed decisions, and take appropriate actions to improve their overall performance.

Having data in front of their eyes, technology businesses can adapt their product roadmap, reconsider pricing strategies, adjust marketing campaigns, and allocate resources effectively. Additionally, reporting highlights bottlenecks in processes or team performance, enabling businesses to identify areas for coaching.

For SaaS businesses seeking investments or partnerships, reporting plays a crucial role in building trust and credibility. Investors rely on these reports to evaluate the business's performance and make decisions regarding investments.

Be aware of how healthy your SaaS business is with CRM reporting. Find out working channels and activities in your SaaS tech business to scale them, and get timely insights when something is wrong to adjust your strategy quickly.

  • Identify the best-performing lead sources to focus on the channels that yield the best results.
  • Analyse sales reports such as total sales, performance by manager, average deal size, and more.
  • Learn from lost deals by examining the reasons for their failure and adjust further strategies.
  • Build sales forecasts that you can trust.
  • Determine the progress your team is making towards meeting their goals.
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SaaS CRM for marketing

Track the impact of marketing campaigns on SaaS business

Why should SaaS businesses care?

When using a different system for launching and tracking marketing campaigns, businesses run the risk of bias. Manually aggregating data from multiple sources significantly reduces the likelihood of obtaining clean and reliable information. It means that the marketing team does not have a real picture of the results of their campaigns.

Moreover, they don’t see the real impact of every campaign on the sales pipeline and how the leads they attract progress through each stage of the sales cycle. This lack of insight hinders their ability to adjust campaigns for higher conversions and ROI.

That’s why SaaS CRM should not only be used by the sales or customer success teams. Your marketing team should have access to the same customer data and work with the same customer segments to contribute to shared goals.

Whether you focus on inbound marketing, outbound activities, or both, NetHunt CRM for SaaS helps you generate leads, automate campaigns, and optimise customer targeting to drive conversions and maximise ROI.

  • Capture leads from various channels: website forms, landings, content downloads, etc.
  • Get feedback on lead quality from sales to optimise campaigns and refine targeting.
  • Track the performance of marketing campaigns in terms of channels, geos and other criteria.
  • Send personalised email campaigns with macros based on customer segments.
  • Re-engage inactive or churned customers to bring them back.
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Team alignment

Create a shared work environment to unite departments

By aligning sales and marketing efforts through SaaS CRM, companies can deliver a consistent and personalised customer experience, ensuring a smooth transition from marketing engagement to sales interactions.

Aligned goals

CRM eliminates the blame game between sales and marketing teams, fostering a collaborative environment. Real-time data enables teams to identify areas to improve towards common goals.

Cross-functional collaboration

Easily pass leads when they are ready from marketing to the sales department. Analyse how every acquisition channel is performing in terms of deals conversion, looking at the same data.

Shared communication

Share the entire history of interactions and communication linked to companies, deals, or support cases. @Tag colleagues on customer records for updates or when you need assistance.

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Integrate NetHunt CRM with the tools you already use

NetHunt CRM allows you to keep doing your processes the same way you did them before by integrating with the tools that you already use. And if we don’t have a native integration with your favourite tool, you can always connect it through Zapier.

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Who needs a SaaS CRM at your company?

Maintaining a customer-centric approach is key to success in the fast-paced SaaS industry. A CRM for SaaS, like NetHunt CRM, is not just for your sales team — it's a strategic asset that benefits various departments in your company.


NetHunt CRM empowers your SaaS sales teams to manage their pipelines through custom views. It allows them to prioritise leads and track customer interactions, resulting in higher closing rates. It significantly reduces the workload of salespeople by automating nurturing processes and providing notifications when a sales manager's attention is required.


NetHunt CRM provides valuable insights to the management and leadership teams. It offers a holistic view of the sales pipeline, revenue projections, and customer engagement metrics. This information helps in making data-driven decisions, identifying trends and patterns, and aligning business strategies.


With NetHunt CRM, marketing teams of SaaS businesses gains valuable insights into customer behaviour and engagement history. Armed with this information, they can craft personalised campaigns, effectively nurture leads, and seamlessly guide MQLs to SQLs. By leveraging effective targeting and consistent communication, the team ensures that leads become paying customers.

Customer Support

With NetHunt CRM, support agents can access a comprehensive customer history, including past interactions, inquiries, and issues. This empowers them to provide quick and personalised support, resolve problems promptly, and maintain a consistent customer experience across multiple channels, without needing a customer to repeat their request for every support agent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SaaS need CRM?

Yes, SaaS businesses (tech or software companies) can greatly benefit from implementing a CRM system.

Here are some reasons why a SaaS company needs CRM:

  • A CRM allows SaaS businesses to centralise customer data, interactions, and preferences in one place, providing a comprehensive view of each customer.
  • A CRM helps SaaS companies streamline their sales processes and manage sales pipelines. It allows sales teams to track leads, manage opportunities, and forecast sales revenue.
  • SaaS businesses can segment their audience, create personalised messages, and track campaign effectiveness. A CRM helps in nurturing leads through automated workflows and tracking conversions.
  • SaaS companies can analyse sales and team performance to identify opportunities and bottlenecks.
  • A CRM system fosters scalability and growth, giving an instrument for processing larger amounts of leads, consistent interactions through automation, and visibility into processes.

Who can benefit from a SaaS CRM?

A SaaS CRM is essential for any SaaS organisation seeking to streamline sales operations, grow customer loyalty, increase retention, and grow its customer base. It’s suitable for businesses of various industries and sizes: from startups to large enterprises, from tech companies to professional services, providing it as a subscription-based model.

CRM allows SaaS organisations to make data-driven decisions, optimise customer acquisition and retention strategies, and drive revenue growth. A SaaS CRM system enables efficient management of subscription billing, customer onboarding, upselling, and cross-selling efforts, ensuring a seamless customer experience throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

What are the key features to look for in a CRM for SaaS companies?

The key features to look for in a SaaS CRM include:

  • Contact and Lead Management: A CRM should offer robust capabilities for organising and tracking contacts, leads, and customers. It should provide a centralised database with the ability to segment data how you need it.
  • Sales Automation: Look for a CRM that offers automation features to streamline sales processes. This includes automated lead assignment, email sequences, task creation, and deal stage updates.
  • Customizable Reporting and Analytics: A CRM should provide flexible reporting and analytics tools that allow you to generate custom reports, track key metrics, and gain insights into your sales and team performance.
  • Tasks Management: This includes the ability to create and assign tasks, set reminders, and establish workflows to streamline processes and improve team collaboration.
  • Customisation and Flexibility: Look for a CRM that allows you to customise folders and fields, workflows, and user interfaces to fit your specific needs. Flexibility is essential to adapt the CRM to your unique processes.
  • Integration Capabilities: Ensure that the CRM can integrate with other essential tools and systems you use in your SaaS business.
  • Scalability: Consider a CRM that can scale with your growing SaaS business. Ensure it can handle increasing data volume, user accounts, and customisations without compromising performance.

Which teams in my SaaS software company should use CRM?

CRM for software companies, like NetHunt CRM, can be used by virtually every team within the company.

The sales team is the primary user of a CRM. They can utilise it to manage leads, track sales opportunities through the pipeline, monitor customer interactions, and automate the sales process. A CRM helps SaaS sales teams stay organised, prioritise tasks, and close deals more efficiently.

The marketing team can utilise a CRM to analyse customer data, track campaign effectiveness, and measure ROI. It helps in creating targeted marketing campaigns, managing leads, and nurturing prospects throughout the customer journey.

The customer support or service team can benefit from a CRM by having access to customer profiles, interaction history, and support ticket management. It helps in resolving customer issues more efficiently, providing personalised support and conversational experience.

The product management team can utilise a CRM to gather customer feedback, track feature requests, and monitor customer satisfaction.

Finally, executives and managers can leverage a CRM to track key performance metrics and make informed business decisions. A CRM provides a holistic view of customer interactions, sales performance, and overall business health.

How does a SaaS CRM like NetHunt CRM improve lead management?

NetHunt CRM enhances lead management by automating key processes. It captures leads from various sources, automatically creating a new record in your CRM database for each lead. CRM records will automatically be enriched with available data when creating data from LinkedIn, email, or a web form.

The SaaS CRM also aids in lead qualification, scoring, and prioritisation, identifying the most promising leads. It automates lead distribution among sales reps, ensuring quick response times.

NetHunt CRM also automates lead nurturing with email sequences, keeping leads engaged. Finally, it improves relationships with leads and customers, facilitating faster conversions. These features make NetHunt CRM a powerful tool for effective lead management.

What is the best CRM for SaaS?

The choice of the best CRM for SaaS depends on various factors, such as the specific needs and requirements of the organisation, budget considerations, and the desired features and functionality.

Here are some popular CRM options that are well-suited for SaaS companies:

  • NetHunt CRM: NetHunt CRM is a popular choice for SaaS companies. It offers a user-friendly interface, comprehensive contact management, sales automation, and integrations with other tools to ensure omnichannel communication.
  • Pipedrive.
  • Zoho CRM.
  • Freshsales.

It's important to evaluate your specific requirements and consider factors such as scalability, ease of use, integrations, pricing, and customer support when selecting the best CRM for your SaaS organisation. It's also beneficial to take advantage of free trials or demos to test the CRM's functionality and identify if it suits your business before making a final decision.

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