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How Web-systems Solutions Enhanced Efficiency with
NetHunt CRM

Web-systems Solutions is a Ukrainian IT company. It creates e-commerce solutions for Shopify and OpenCart. The firm also develops custom mobile applications.
Web-systems Solutions has a diverse client base, both from Ukraine and the global markets.

Web Systems Solutions founder photo Web Systems Solutions founder photo Web Systems Solutions founder photo
10x Increase

In lead generation efficiency
Thanks to the LinkedIn integration

300% Increase

In lead processing speed thanks to automations

5x Increase

In marketing efficiency with reports

The challenge

Web-systems Solutions faced several challenges before implementing NetHunt CRM. As the company grew, issues appeared. They were about too much information and many channels. Web-systems Solutions faced such challenges:

  • The lead generation team spent too much time entering data manually. This led to delays and potential errors in lead processing.
  • The marketing department struggled to find bottlenecks. Their data was scattered across various platforms. This hindered its ability to revise its sales strategies. It also hindered its ability to adapt to the current climate.
  • There was no integrated system for communication tools like Slack and Telegram. This made it difficult for the team to collaborate effectively.
  • The company lacked a robust system for analytics and reporting, which was essential for making data-driven decisions.

What Web-systems Solutions was looking for in a CRM?

The firm sought a CRM to make its processes smoother. It wanted to boost efficiency across many departments. The company was scaling rapidly. It needed a system to manage the large amounts of data that come with growth.

Web-systems Solutions needed a CRM system that:

  • Was straightforward and customizable to fit its unique processes and workflows.
  • Integrated with internal communication tools like Slack and Telegram.
  • Would automate and simplify its lead management process for the lead generation team.
  • Offered robust analytics and reporting capabilities to make data-driven decisions.

“We needed a system where sales wouldn't have to spend a long time categorizing or configuring because some systems, like HubSpot, are a bit overloaded. And while you are customizing it for your needs, quite a bit of time passes.”

<b>Yevhenii Nedielin</b>Chief Marketing Officer @ Web-Systems Solutions
Yevhenii NedielinChief Marketing Officer @ Web-Systems Solutions

Why Web-systems Solutions chose NetHunt CRM and how the firm uses the system

Simple, intuitive, and customizable interface icon Simple, intuitive, and customizable interface

Web-systems Solutions searched for a CRM that was simple and intuitive to use. It needed a system. It had to be quick to customize and set up. This would make it easier for the sales team to adapt and use it fast. And NetHunt CRM was that tool!

The interface was as easy to use as an email mailbox. The learning curve is short. It allows Web-Systems Solutions to jump in and sell more.

Web-Systems Solutions extensively use NetHunt CRM’s customization features. The creation of custom fields is a crucial aspect of this. The feature lets the team capture detailed client info. It is relevant and keeps their data entry clean and organized. This is achieved by clearly labeling and segmenting data. Required fields also help ensure data completeness. Also, you can customize CRM folders, fields, and views. This aligns closely with its unique business processes. This customization complements its workflow.

Lead Generation and Processing icon Lead Generation and Processing

NetHunt CRM has greatly improved the lead generation and processing of Web-systems Solutions. Previously, the lead generation team had to enter data manually. It was time-consuming and prone to errors. The team manually reviewed LinkedIn profiles and other lead sources. They recorded names, surnames, and company details into Excel.

With NetHunt CRM, the company transformed this process. The lead generation team can process profiles quickly and efficiently. This is especially true for those working with LinkedIn. NetHunt CRM's automation has cut manual entry. It lets the team focus on analyzing leads, not just gathering them.

This has led to a three-fold increase in the efficiency of the lead generation process.The team now spends a third of the time they previously did on these tasks.

Also, NetHunt CRM is integrated with the company's website. This has also streamlined lead management. The CRM system gets all inquiries from the website. It gets contact details, messages, and, most importantly, the lead's source. This feature lets Web-systems Solutions track the origin of leads. They can be from contextual ads, remarketing campaigns, or periodic emails.

“Previously, for example, we processed some LinkedIn databases, profiles, and the lead gen had to manually enter names and surnames. But now, as there is a plugin for LinkedIn, it is basically done in two clicks.”

<b>Yevhenii Nedielin</b>Chief Marketing Officer @ Web-Systems Solutions
Yevhenii NedielinChief Marketing Officer @ Web-Systems Solutions

Automated workflows icon Automated workflows

Web-systems Solutions uses NetHunt CRM to enhance the efficiency of its internal operations. A crucial aspect of this is integrating communication tools like Slack and Telegram. This integration ensures a smooth flow of information. The team stays updated in real-time and responds quickly to situations like a customer support ticket or an internal request for help.

Additionally, Web-systems Solutions has simplified its HR processes. It did this by automating recruitment through a web form on the website. This automation not only saves time but also makes the recruitment process more efficient and manageable.

“In terms of automation, we had a bit of a problem, not really a problem, but still, for the convenience of collecting information and analytics, we were looking for a system that could be connected, for example, to our internal chats, especially Slack, Telegram, where we have some small groups of people gathering.”

<b>Yevhenii Nedielin</b>Chief Marketing Officer @ Web-Systems Solutions
Yevhenii NedielinChief Marketing Officer @ Web-Systems Solutions

Integrations with other tools icon Integrations with other tools

Web-Systems Solutions has automated the feed of client inquiries from its website. It feeds them directly into its internal channels. This was achieved using API integrations and bots. Automating this process has made internal communications smoother. It allows instant updates and faster responses.

It is crucial for the integration. It will improve internal communication and help in managing customer interactions better.

“Thanks to NetHunt CRM, our lead generation process is now twice as fast as it used to be. Previously, we had to manually enter lead details like profile, link, source, country, company, our company name, and the link to the company into an Excel table. Now, if a lead matches our defined client profile and shows potential, we can swiftly add it to our database. NetHunt CRM speeds up this process, saving us a significant amount of time and greatly improving efficiency.”

<b>Yevhenii Nedielin</b>Chief Marketing Officer @ Web-Systems Solutions
Yevhenii NedielinChief Marketing Officer @ Web-Systems Solutions

Effective Analytics and Reporting icon Effective Analytics and Reporting

Web-systems Solutions integrated NetHunt CRM with Looker Studio. They did this to understand the need for in-depth analytics and reporting.

This integration has empowered it with a dual reporting system – dynamic and static. The dynamic report provides real-time insights. The team uses it to track and assess current activities and performance metrics. The static report offers a comprehensive overview of its long-term operations. It shows the total number of leads processed and invites sent over the entire period of its lead generation activities.

This strong analytics setup is in Looker Studio. It, combined with NetHunt CRM, lets Web-systems Solutions analyze sales trends. They can also evaluate the effectiveness of its lead generation strategies. And, it lets them gain a clear view of overall business performance.

The company uses NetHunt CRM. It shows how businesses can optimize many parts of their operations. These include communication, lead management, HR processes, and data analytics. They can do this with a tool like CRM.

The results

Implementing NetHunt CRM has helped Web-systems solutions scale its business effectively. The CRM suite has features. They have allowed Web-Systems solutions to: increase lead efficiency. They can make better reports and integrate its tech-stack into a hub.

300% Increase

In lead processing speed. With the help of workflows.

10x Reduction

In lead generation workload. Thanks to the LinkedIn integration.


In marketing efficiency. With reports built in Looker Studio.

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