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Real Estate videos in 5 minutes with your iPhone

Momenzo is an innovative video app for real estate professionals. Real estate agents use it to reproduce expert-level content and create immersing property videos in less than 5 minutes. Momenzo’s talented team developed an innovative guiding system that helps users record short movies which are automatically edited and enhanced to produce a flawless montage.

Momenzo app turns a several-hour video production into a few minutes in the app. The result would be an engaging video telling the story about your property in a very special way.


France, Switzerland


Software, Real Estate

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Dec 2017
Alexandre Peynet, Regional representative

“Link it, share it, send it in one click. It sounds like a simple beat, but for us it made all the difference.”

The story


Momenzo launched their app back in 2016. Since the first day, the whole team has been working remotely from different cities of France and Switzerland.

When Momenzo started growing its users’ base, the team realized that they needed a system that would allow them to synchronize their work. They started thinking about hiring a CRM that could help:

The main challenge, however, was finding a tool that would fit a small company and store as much information as the team needs. Momenzo teammates aspired to find a CRM solution to be as multifunctional, suitable and devoted to their product as their team. Most CRMs though looked way too complicated and seemed to better fit giant corporations rather than Momenzo.


NetHunt CRM popped up during the research and quickly became a front-runner because of its simple structure and straightforward CRM setup. As NetHunt offers Shared Inbox capabilities, Momenzo team got a chance to view all the logged emails and to be in context of any customer conversation. That was just what they needed at that time.

After internal discussions and a free trial, the team hired NetHunt CRM and set proper CRM permissions to ensure that each team member could access CRM data when they need.

Flexible CRM structure made it possible for the team to edit record fields and leave only the information they required at that time. This, in turn, allowed them to keep information organized and add it to CRM much faster.

The main processes built up

While the app’s client base was growing, Momenzo team also required a way to quickly look up the stage of every client in pipeline, identify which deals are dragging for too long and need a push, as well as which opportunities are more critical and require extra attention. They organized clients’ records into a pipeline with cards showing all the client details they needed to track, thus having full sales pipeline overview within their CRM. They were also able to save these reports and access them any time for the updates.

On top of that, with the ability to link their emails to CRM profiles, the team got to know exactly what was happening between the clients and the managers.

And finally, storing data in one place and shared access for the team, made teamwork faster and more effective. At the same time, NetHunt reporting and automation capabilities allowed Momenzo team to focus on growing their business by taking manual routine tasks off their plate.

The most loved NetHunt CRM features

Email auto-linking

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