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Adapting NetHunt CRM to different situations

Kinetisense is a forward-thinking enterprise that produces affordable, efficient, and accurate 3D motion capture software to change the way in which practitioners and trainers interact with their patients. They provide unique machine technology that offers access to unparalleled data for life science industries. It’s no exaggeration to say that Kinetisense software physically changes peoples’ lives on a daily basis.
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15 people

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13 people

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December, 2017

The challenge

As software developers, Kinetisense quite rightly decided to start monetizing their product once they had something they were proud enough to sell. But as their product gained traction, they found it difficult to keep track of the licences they were selling.

Before they found NetHunt, they tried different systems. Streak worked well, everything was in one place like they wanted… but then the price went up. They worked with Zoho for a couple of years and it worked okay… but something bugged them about it. They were having to flip between tabs too often because not everything was in the same place. No system was perfect; each one had its flaws.

But then NetHunt came along.

The solution

NetHunt integrates across all the different processes they need it to. They use it with Calendar, Drive, and most importantly, Gmail. They can import leads, that are shared by their partners as spreadsheets, straight into their CRM dashboard. From there, they can track communication with those leads and follow their licencing journey.

As software developers ourselves, we know the pains of licence management. We understand that each different customer has different needs, and that is why our system is so dynamic with customisable views. Kinetisense utilises dozens of different views for different situations that they come up against.

Here’s a video tutorial on how views and filters work in NetHunt CRM:

Without NetHunt, Kinetisense would not have got to where it is today
David Schnare

David Schnare

Co-Founder & COO

Kinetisense’s favourite things about NetHunt

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