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Over 500 independent wedding photographers from all over the world

OneThreeOneFour is a global wedding photography service provider based in Singapore. It is a one-stop platform for couples planning a local or overseas wedding photoshoot. From the beaches of Bali to the Korean wedding studios, they bring you the most amazing wedding photoshoot experiences!





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March 2019
Scott Ng, Co-founder

“NetHunt perfectly fills in the gap between G Suite and our company processes. With NetHunt I can organize my company processes in a structured and orderly manner without ever leaving my Gmail. It is a flexible tool that goes beyond a traditional CRM, you can use it for multiple process e.g. sales, hiring, customer support.

NetHunt support team lead by Anastasia is awesome. She responds fast, actively understands, and provides solutions to my business problems. Otherwise, she brings up suggestions to the team for product improvement.”

The story

About Streak and NetHunt CRM

“We first started testing a few CRMs like Streak and HubSpot. While Streak pricing was too steep for a small team, HubSpot was way too separated from Gmail. We do a lot of business through email and WhatsApp, and therefore it seemed quite a hassle to go through multiple tabs in order to qualify and manage leads. In the end, I still went back to researching something built into Gmail and then came across NetHunt.

Having tested Streak and NetHunt, I’d say they look similar, but the fundamental concepts are quite different. Streak is centered around pipelines and has a very flow centric design, but NetHunt goes directly to the record. In some senses, it is a bit more complicated to start with NetHunt, but then it gives you more flexibility. In Streak everything has to be in a flow, and in NetHunt you do not need to have a “Stage’” to organize data. Sometimes, there is no sales process, and I have a list of records that I am working with and need to keep in the database. NetHunt is like a “Lego” and I can fill out the record with different fields to manage different processes. I believe, sometimes people use NetHunt in the way you cannot even imagine as you can build pretty much everything.”

About the main processes built up

“Before NetHunt we used to have information everywhere. As our sales volume grew, we needed a tool to help us get organised and improve our workflow. We started by getting every member in the sales team to tag every lead and customer to a NetHunt record. Once we had every customer tagged into NetHunt, we can have a consolidated view of the entire sales process. We setup various views targeted different stages of our process. We also added custom fields that help us stay organised. Today, with NetHunt, we have all our sales data in one place. From here, we are able to better understand who are our customers and our business. Integrating our sales process with NetHunt has greatly improved our service and efficiency for our sales team.”

About the progress

“We haven’t tracked the changes yet, but what’s important is that now we have one big picture of the entire sales process. Since we have other team members in other countries, it helps us to standardize the processes for each sales manager. Therefore, it became very easy to manage each other’s deals. Let’s say, someone is sick, so it is easy to take over someone else’s job. This way NetHunt has brought team members into one unit.”

The most loved NetHunt CRM features

Complete integration with Gmail

Team collaboration

Views and filters

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