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How to move from spreadsheets to CRM

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Weemaes Glas

Connecting CRM and Gmail

Weemaes Glas is a construction company located in Ghent, Belgium. Weemaes Glas team installs, replaces, and repairs glass with a focus on speed, correct agreements and perfect execution.

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Company Size

30 people

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31 people

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Customer since

April, 2017

The challenge

A while back, Weemaes Glas team used Google Drive as their customer database — they created folders and stored all the files in there. However, as the company grew bigger, so did the number of clients along with the communication history, making Google Drive capabilities insufficient for effective customer management. It was the point when the team realized they needed a fully featured CRM.

NetHunt was evaluated among several other CRM systems for small business, but what the team disliked about them is having several tabs open with the CRM and Gmail being not connected. NetHunt, on the contrary, was the CRM built inside Gmail and not only connected to it, but basically melted with their favourite email client.

The solution

Weemaes Glas team uses NetHunt CRM as a customer database, and some of the most heavily used features are:

  • folders and fields customization that allows to change CRM data structure the way they need it;
  • ability to add up new types of data when they need in addition to default folders and views;
  • record’s timeline, as it’s good to be able to go back to the record and see all the history of the client including notes, emails, call logs and files.

The main processes built up

While Weemaes Glas don’t measure team performance with NetHunt, they do use NetHunt as a financial reporting system. Weemaes Glas team tracks turnover, gross margin, and profit in the CRM by using formulas and creating special views to filter and summarize numbers. This way, as an example, they track the numbers accomplished by each team member: per month, per product. Some other insights they get are monthly reports, product-related reports, lead source stats, time spent on the project, turnover, etc.

I found NetHunt and that was it. I can customise my folders and fields the way I want it. So I can add up data when I need.
Michiel Weemaes

Michiel Weemaes

Business Manager

Weemaes Glas’s favourite things about NetHunt

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