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Managing Two Businesses at Once with NetHunt

Specialising in mountain bike tours and trail running holidays, Martin Bissig with his company, Abenteuerreisen, is one of NetHunt’s more extreme clients. They operate their own, in-house designed tours that are both locally, and environmentally sustainable; guests can travel up to the highest peaks of the Himalayas or down to the most southern tips of South Africa. There’s no two ways about it, since 1994 Abenteuerreisen has been helping people live out their wildest dreams.
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December, 2018

The challenge

Abenteuerreisen gets a lot of enquiries. The problem was that with more enquiries, came more responsibility to stay organised. When you’re wandering around the world and cycling across death-defying peaks, you don’t have much time for paperwork and admin.

“NetHunt CRM gives me peace of mind.”

It didn’t come to him in a dream, he didn’t have some great epiphany; NetHunt came to Martin on Google because he needed it. He needed a tool that was integrated with Gmail. He wanted to replace his existing system of Google Docs and Google Sheets to maintain all the data for his tour company and photography company respectively.

The solution

Lead Management

Having already been conducting his business through Gmail, NetHunt CRM for Gmail was easy to get up and running for Martin. The main attributes that gave his business a boost are NetHunt’s extensive lead and pipeline management features, which take all the heavy lifting and brainwork off his busy shoulders

“We do integrate NetHunt with our website through Zapier.”

When somebody is interested in a trip, they simply need to head to the Abenteuerreisen website and hit the button for more info about the trip they fancy. When they do so, an email is fired out from the Abenteuerreisen office with a personalised PDF, generated with all the necessary information about that trip. A calendar entry is created to remind the backoffice team to follow up this prospect in 30 days to see if they are still interested; a draft for that email is created there and then, ready to be sent out when a notification pops up in his dashboard.

Full Communication Context

Martin is also a successful outdoor photographer and an ambassador for Canon, a world-famous camera manufacturer. Where he uses NetHunt to manage his travel company’s clients, he uses our system to manage magazine queries and enquiries for his photography business. Keeping track of publications across 20 countries isn’t easy… unless you’ve got the right tool to do it for you.

“For the photography business, NetHunt is a time saver. Before, I had to compose hundreds of individual emails; now I can do it in a few clicks.”

Martin never misses a follow-up or invoice. He can access a full history of his communication between different magazines, so he always knows where the deal is up to; he knows who needs pictures, who needs to send him something, and who needs to pay. He uses NetHunt’s filter function to update separate Records and understand what’s on his to-do list.

Customer Service

Our Customer Success Team is always ready, waiting, and listening when Martin comes with a suggestion or feedback. He’s already milking a couple of features that he asked for, namely email campaign follow-ups that are based on previous ones, as well as the Filters folder that lets him see all the filters he needs in one screen.

Success! Again. We’re used to it, but that doesn’t make us any less happy when we hear about our customers thriving with our system. We want to send a big thank you out to Martin for taking the time out of his busy schedule to speak to us about how he uses NetHunt.

We also want to remind him not to forget his helmet as he cycles across those death-defying peaks.

The important thing is that I can talk to the developers and that my wishes are heard of and are implemented in the future. If you need a feature they listen to you and don’t just say that they’ll do it… but they actually will do it.
Martin Bissig

Martin Bissig

Co-Founder at Abenteuerreisen

Abenteuerreisen’s favourite things about NetHunt

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