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How a small business keeps on top of new clients and leads

iGarden Vision is a landscaping design company that was founded in Swindon, UK. Wayne Fiddes oversees a project that pioneers a substructure system made from metal. This metal frame locks together, allowing landscapers to lay a wide-range of outdoor surfaces to suit their customers’ tastes. This relatively young concept has never been seen before, but is sure to change the landscape for the gardens of the future.
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June, 2019

The challenge

Wayne Fiddes was a sole trader before he finally decided to have a go at the landscaping big time. After setting up shop, it quickly became clear that his product saved time, money, and resources for landscapers across the country. His start-up quickly gained traction, the enquiries flooded in, and Wayne found it difficult to keep on top of all his new clients and leads.

As well as using Gmail to keep in contact with his clients, Wayne was using Google Docs and Google Sheets to maintain all his data. This is ok for businesses who want to chug along, barely making ends meet. But iGarden Vision was clearly ambitious. As it moved so quickly, it needed software that could keep up with its ambition.

The solution

Wayne’s friend put him on to NetHunt. Having been given a demo of our product before, his friend knew that ours was exactly the tool that Wayne was looking for to streamline his business communication and processes.

Now, NetHunt saves a lot of time for iGarden’s small team. Wayne knows exactly where each of his prospects are in their sales pipeline, and knows exactly how they got to that point. Automatic email linking features Productivity has accelerated beyond measure as each business process has slowly been integrated with the system.

Still, they continue to learn more about their CRM system every day. They haven’t reaped every single benefit that NetHunt sews and it is clear that iGarden and NetHunt’s working relationship is only just blossoming.

NetHunt has made my working process 100% more efficient, helping me organise all my emails and enquiries. To top it off, the support I have received to fit the system to my exact business has been second to none.
Wayne Fiddes

Wayne Fiddes

Director, iGarden

iGarden’s favourite things about NetHunt

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