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How HURMA took over different markets worldwide with NetHunt CRM

HURMA is a rapidly growing company that develops innovative HRM solutions for businesses. Their HRM software streamlines human resources processes, simplifying workforce management and enhancing employee engagement. HURMA recently adopted NetHunt CRM to improve its sales and customer relationship management.

Lead distribution

by using automations

Lead segmentation

improved due to high customisability

Centralised processes

in a single Gmail tab

The challenge

HURMA were not new to the CRM suite market, in fact, they have previously been using Pipedrive CRM to manage their customer relationship processes. However, Pipedrive CRM simply couldn’t meet HURMA’s needs regarding certain aspects of their daily processes.

Overall, HURMA was looking for a more efficient, customisable, centralised, and omnichannel CRM. Their challenges included…

  • Not having a way to create different folders and customer cards for different demographics, for example, based on location. They wanted leads and customer from Europe to be in a different folder and have different fields in their customer cards than US clients.
  • Not having a comfortable way to manage relationships with customers that have already purchased a subscription to HURMA.
  • Not having a high-enough level of integration of CRM with other apps of Google Workspace.

What was HURMA looking for in a CRM system?

When looking for a new CRM system, HURMA wanted something more efficient, customised, and automated than what they currently had.

As the business expanded, HURMA needed a more effective way to track leads and maintain consistent communication with prospects.

What they were looking for in a CRM is…

  • Contact Management
  • LinkedIn integration
  • Ability to add additional folders
  • Integration with messengers and VoIP
  • Customisation of customer records
  • Sales automation feature
  • Required fields feature for data cleanliness
  • Automated manager assignment
  • Gmail integration

These challenges prompted HURMA to seek out a comprehensive CRM system that could address their specific needs and help them overcome these obstacles.

Why HURMA chose NetHunt CRM

Although HURMA are no strangers to using CRM systems, the system they were previously using was too rigid and constrained

Contact management icon Contact management

HURMA has created custom folders for each separate pipeline based on factors such as location, ensuring their data stays cleaner and easier to manage. They have also built separate pipelines for every different region as the customers from different regions have different requirements as to the sales process.

HURMA also chose NetHunt CRM for its ability to customise customer cards. With NetHunt CRM, the leads in different regions, that are now sorted into their own separate folders, can also have customised fields that fit their region specifically.

For example, leads from Europe might have the “industry” field in their customer cards, while leads from the Central Asia region won’t have that field. This is important because customers from different countries often have different needs and processes associated with the sale, so having customer cards with different fields allows for salespeople to have a more tailored approach to recording data about their leads.

NetHunt CRM also allows them to set fields as required, ensuring that every customer card has important information filled in. This unparalleled flexibility has been critical for HURMA, allowing them to maintain data cleanliness and completeness, especially for fields they consider significant, such as the “loss reason“ field.

“When leads reach the “payment received“ stage, they automatically move to a designated folder and pipeline where account managers and accountants continue taking care of them. In this new folder their customer card changes to better reflect on the processes associated with the customer at that stage.“

<b>Roman Dronov</b>Head of Sales at HURMA</a>
Roman DronovHead of Sales at HURMA

Automation icon Automation

One of the primary motivations behind HURMA's decision to choose NetHunt CRM was its powerful automation features. The platform enables them to automate a wide range of tasks, including the crucial lead routing process.

These automation capabilities have considerably diminished the time and effort previously expended on manually distributing leads, allowing HURMA's team to channel their energy into more strategic aspects of the business.

With NetHunt CRM, HURMA can effortlessly distribute leads automatically based on specific criteria, such as geographical region or company size, or implement a round-robin system that ensures a fair and equitable distribution among team members.

This level of customization and automation has been instrumental in optimising HURMA's sales processes, ultimately enhancing their ability to convert leads into satisfied customers. It has enhanced the ability for the right salesperson to be able to contact the right leads, and all of that at a faster rate than before.

“When a lead submits a request, it's important to distribute the new requests among the managers properly, and many older systems lack this feature. So before NetHunt CRM, the team or I had to handle it manually.”

<b>Roman Dronov</b>Head of Sales at HURMA</a>
Roman DronovHead of Sales at HURMA

Customisation and flexibility icon Customisation and flexibility

HURMA highly appreciate NetHunt CRM's customisation options, which empower them to adapt the system to their distinct needs. HURMA have created different views, such as the pipeline view and the loss reason view, to better understand and navigate their data.

By sorting their data how they want to, HURMA can ensure that all customers get the level of attention they’re required to get at that stage. This also ensures that whenever a customer changes stage, their customer card will be updated with all the required data.

“The customisation options provided by NetHunt CRM have been invaluable in helping us tailor the system to our unique needs.”

<b>Roman Dronov</b>Head of Sales at HURMA</a>
Roman DronovHead of Sales at HURMA

Seamless integration with Google Workspace icon Seamless integration with Google Workspace

As a company heavily relying on Google Workspace, HURMA found NetHunt CRM's seamless integration with the platform to be a significant advantage.

NetHunt CRM natively integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Drive, allowing HURMA to manage all their client communication, appointments, and documents in one centralised location. This level of integration has played a large part in streamlining HURMA's workflow and eliminating the need to switch between multiple tabs for their work processes.

“The level of integration with Google that NetHunt CRM has is unmatched by anyone else.”

<b>Roman Dronov</b>Head of Sales at HURMA</a>
Roman DronovHead of Sales at HURMA

Quick data migration icon Quick data migration

The consultations provided by NetHunt CRM have been extensively used by HURMA in order to reach their desired goals, and there are several reasons why these consultations have proven to be invaluable for the organisation.

HURMA could quickly and easily migrate their data from their previous CRM to NetHunt CRM without any data loss and maintaining the processes that the team used to.

When data migration wasn’t the issue, NetHunt CRM’s customer success team was ready to help set up HURMA’s dream CRM experience.

“Dmitry called me and explained what needed to be done for everything to be transferred. We've all used your consultations already. Everything was very convenient, Dmitry and I always managed to find a time when we could speak.”

<b>Roman Dronov</b>Head of Sales at HURMA</a>
Roman DronovHead of Sales at HURMA

Integrations with multiple communication channels icon Integrations with multiple communication channels

HURMA also utilises NetHunt CRM’s integrations for various processes. With the Looker Studio, they can create visualised reports that update in real-time. With the help of the social media and messenger integrations that NetHunt CRM has, HURMA can also contact their customers through various channels.

These integrations are with services such as…

  • Viber
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Intercom
  • WhatsApp
  • VoIP dialers
  • Telegram

Every call and message automatically links to the customer card, providing salespeople with transcripts of messages and emails, as well as call recordings that are always available and easy to find.

The results

HURMA has experienced significant benefits from implementing NetHunt CRM, with four key results standing out…

Data tidiness and completeness

Ultimately resulting in data-driven decision-making and strategy analysis.

Quicker lead distribution through automation

Save HURMA's teams time by reducing manual work, allowing them to focus on revenue-generating activities.

Improved lead segmentation

Ensuring that customers from different regions receive service tailored to their region-specific demands.

Established omnichannel communication

By centralising communication from messengers, email, and phone calls into a single tab.

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