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Xomnia is the leading Dutch big data company that empowers organizations to create maximum value out of data. They excel in generating value from data by developing, integrating and maintaining big data platforms and predictive solutions.




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July 2016
William van Lith, Founding Partner

“All types of administration tasks can be done within NetHunt. It is our backbone for all kinds of tasks.”

The story

Problem & Solution

Back in the days, when Xomnia was much smaller, all the partners were actively involved in sales, but stored customer data in their own ways: spreadsheets, emails, or just memory. That was the time when Xomnia team decided they needed a system to know from each other what they were doing. Initial search led them to one of the CRM-in-Gmail solutions on the market, however it was quite expensive for a startup and therefore not an option. When NetHunt CRM came into the picture as a CRM inside Gmail, it appeared to be a erfectly priced solution that was flexible enough to meet all of the team’s requirements. But more on that below.

The main processes built up

At first, Xomnia only used NetHunt CRM for sales. However, as they found out that it was possible to add multiple folders in NetHunt, they figured that a number of administration tasks can be done within NetHunt as well. That is how NetHunt CRM became the backbone of all kinds of tasks for Xomnia.

For example, they use NetHunt API for the following HR administration flow: If Xomnia starts hiring someone, a person needs to make a test in another system. Having gone through the process, in case they are hired - their record is created automatically in NetHunt. From there, they add a few more info, but this way they automate the processes.

Another flow goes like this: they have a sales funnel, and when a deal is closed, it can go to another folder (training folder, project, consulting, etc.). In all these folders, they can put certain people on the project and that information is linked to their HR folder.

Xomnia also integrated NetHunt with another solution so that if one of their employees is working on a project, after this project they can fill in the info on the kinds of technology they worked with, what the project was about and push these details to NetHunt into the record of that employee. Based on that they can see the whole history of the technology that their people work with. This way, when they have a new opportunity with a client that is searching for someone who has a lot of experience with Python or Scala, they can easily look it up and find one.

Xomnia team works with the system on a daily basis, and one of the things they like the most is that all the data is stored in one place and everyone can access it if needed. As an example, when one of their sales is sick and the other team member needs to have the latest status on a sales lead, it is very easy to get this in NetHunt with all the history of conversations. Another big thing that Xomnia enjoys the most is that you can design NetHunt CRM as you want it. However, you need to be careful, as it’s important to keep it as simple as possible as well.

The most loved NetHunt CRM features

Open API/Zapier integration

Flexibility and customization

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