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How 100systems Streamlined Operations and Enhanced Efficiency with NetHunt CRM

100systems is a Ukrainian construction firm. It specializes in building materials, project work, construction, and production of house insulation materials.

After implementing NetHunt CRM into its workflows, the company streamlined its operational processes and increased sales.

100systems founder photo 100systems founder photo
30% Increase

In sales within the year

Significant Time Saved

In client management and sales processes


Lead loss through improved
tracking and follow-ups

The challenge

100systems had several issues before adopting NetHunt CRM. Its primary challenges:

  • The company generated leads from various sources, but there was no efficient system to gather and manage them. This led to disorganization and potential loss of opportunities.
  • The present CRM system, Bitrix24, didn’t meet the company's needs. It was cumbersome to use and tracking client interactions was not intuitive.
  • The company struggled with generating meaningful reports on leads, clients, and deals. As a result, making informed, data-driven decisions was challenging.

What was 100systems looking for in a CRM?

100systems didn’t want a CRM that would just consolidate its diverse operations in construction and manufacturing. They also wanted a tool that would harmonize the various facets of its business. 100systems looked for a CRM that:

  • Integrated with Gmail and Google Workspace
  • Offers supportive customer service
  • Has a user-friendly Interface
  • Includes email marketing features
  • Lets you create tasks and notifications automatically

“We were looking for a CRM that could integrate well with our email system and offer straightforward solutions to our lead management challenges. NetHunt CRM's ease of use and functionality made it the right choice for us.”

<b>Maryna Sobol</b>Chief Sales Officer at 100systems
Maryna SobolChief Sales Officer at 100systems

Why 100systems chose NetHunt CRM and how the conglomerate uses the system

Native Gmail and Google Workspace integration icon Native Gmail and Google Workspace integration

100systems primary channel for communication with clients is email. With its entire sales and work process being centered around one channel — it needed a solution that could help it unite its customer database and communications under one hood.

“All our correspondence, all of our clients, all the negotiations, everything is done by mail. The fact that we now connect it all together so coolly, well, it's our main pain completely gone 100%.”

<b>Maryna Sobol</b>Chief Sales Officer at 100systems
Maryna SobolChief Sales Officer at 100systems

Automated workflows icon Automated workflows

An important part of managing a business conglomerate such as 100systems is staying on top of everything that happens with your processes. It’s vital for new orders to appear in the CRM system, and for the relevant tasks to be created and tracked in due time. NetHunt CRM’s workflows was just the feature for the job. With it, 100systems could easily, and automatically, create and distribute tasks as deals move through the pipeline.

Email campaigns icon Email campaigns

100systems needed a way to be able to reach out to all its prospects quickly. NetHunt CRM’s email campaign management features proved useful in this scenario. One use 100systems found for email campaigns is lead generation.

Through NetHunt CRM’s webforms, 100systems can register interested customers and add them to the customer database. However, the email campaigns aren’t quite what you’d expect when you hear “email campaign”, as 100systems sends out narrow, offer-focused and personalised emails out to small groups of customers.

Personalized experience icon Personalized experience

100systems works in a highly competitive environment. Therefore, it was incredibly important that it received highly personalized attention from the moment it showed interest in a CRM system, and all the way through its journey with the tool.

NetHunt CRM provided 100systems with a custom-tailored experience from day one, showing the value that our suite could bring to the construction conglomerate.

“The CEO himself joined the meeting with my manager and spoke about the CRM system with such passion, showing how flexible it is. We really liked this because they communicated with us, listened to us, tried to help, and did help. We understood that this is very important for us, our values, for us to be heard as a client, and to receive help in implementing the cases we want.”

<b>Maryna Sobol</b>Chief Sales Officer at 100systems
Maryna SobolChief Sales Officer at 100systems

Lead generation and organisation icon Lead generation and organisation

100systems generates plenty of leads, being a conglomerate and all. During its on-season, it works with as much as 800 prospects per month. Yes, you read that right. This means it needs some heavy-duty organising work to happen behind the scenes.

Before implementing NetHunt CRM, 100systems had quite the troubles with organising its customer database. With NetHunt CRM – that’s a problem for the past.

Friendly price offering icon Friendly price offering

100systems wanted a system that, while providing it with everything it needs to really streamline its processes, wouldn’t be too much of a financial burden. NetHunt CRM gave it just that, and at an attractive price-point at that.

How did 100systems integrate NetHunt CRM?

Before NetHunt CRM, 100systems used Bitrix24 — a russian-made CRM system. It was uncomfortable to use, leading to hiccups and bottlenecks in the sales process. When it comes to the rest of the implementation process, we think it’s best we let 100systems do the talking…

100systems tackled implementation gradually. At first, only the sales department started using NetHunt CRM. It tried to set up a Kanban with deals, contacts, fields, and everything related to it, to learn how it all interconnects. Essentially, 100systems’ sales department organized everything in the span of about two months. For Maryna, it didn’t take long to understand how to use NetHunt CRM after seeing it for the first time.

The logistics department faced a bit more difficulty because it had to create routes for drivers and handle transport requests. It was slightly more challenging, not as much in explaining as in creating specific folders for each department to make the work convenient.

“We often sought help from customer support, which always advised us on the best ways to do what we want and how everything works. After that, we’ve had essentially no issues. Currently, our entire office staff, including managers, all use NetHunt CRM.”

<b>Maryna Sobol</b>Chief Sales Officer at 100systems
Maryna SobolChief Sales Officer at 100systems

In production, 100systems has a type of request called a manufacturing request. Production also has its own deals, and while we have common contacts, it has its deals, specifically for clients who buy their manufacturing services only.

“We didn't use an integrator for implementing NetHunt CRM; it was all done by my manager, who is also the company owner. He took a keen interest and integrated it himself with the help of NetHunt CRM’s support service. We figured it out as we went along, customizing everything to suit our needs. It was a quick and straightforward process, not complicated at all.”

<b>Maryna Sobol</b>Chief Sales Officer at 100systems
Maryna SobolChief Sales Officer at 100systems

What reports does 100systems use?

For a conglomerate such as 100systems, organizing all of its crucial information was an important requirement for its CRM system. Being consistent of five companies, it’s important for 100systems to have a centralized view of what’s going on within any of its companies at any given time.

Here’s a list of reports the company monitors in NetHunt CRM:

  • Client reports (where customers come from, how much they pay).
  • Ad campaigns success reports to know which ads work.
  • Sales team activity reports (emails sent, deals closed with the sum amount etc).

100systems also uses an integration with Looker Studio to create dashboards with marketing and sales reports powered by data from NetHunt CRM.

“In NetHunt CRM, we focus on tracking key aspects: where our clients come from, which sources bring in the most leads, and the revenue these leads generate. This analysis guides us in determining where to effectively invest in advertising. Our main reporting tool is Looker Studio, integrated with NetHunt, which plays a crucial role in this analytics process.”

<b>Maryna Sobol</b>Chief Sales Officer at 100systems
Maryna SobolChief Sales Officer at 100systems

The results

When 100systems adopted NetHunt CRM, it enhanced the company’s operational efficiency and productivity. The firm saw improvements in areas such as:


Reporting and insights thanks to organized and enriched data.


Increase in sales due to improved lead generation.


Lead leaks due to automated task notifications and reminders, as well as in-depth stage tracking.

40 invoices

Processed per day. Twice as much as the competition. Thanks to streamlined processes and heightened organisation.

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